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Medicinal Cannabis Industry Vindicated and Validated

ByDave Stopher

Aug 23, 2021

The Chase for Validation & Credibility

For nearly 30 years, the medicinal cannabis industry and community have been seeking validation. Why have they sought validation? Outside of the recreational usages of cannabis, there has been 30 years of research into the medical benefits. Supporters want a clear and objective view on the benefits and a path that clears it from just being a substance that people use for fun. Instead, it is a tool that patients of all kinds can find utility and relief.

Science Is on the Cannabis Industry’s Side

It is not just about words or beliefs, but instead objective data. The medical and scientific industries have taken over research into the value of cannabis. One of the largest studies was performed by a large body of research scientists. Information on that study can be read at medical marijuana research from Harvard. In this article, they break down how medicinal cannabis is useful, where it is most likely to help, and even where it is not the right choice.

State Governments Are Quickly Aligning With the Medicinal Cannabis Industry

Over the last 14 years, 29 states in the US have introduced decriminalization and/or medical cannabis laws. This shows that state governments are waking up to the benefits of cannabis. It also shows that the business interest is also aligning with the cannabis industry. Some states have added hemp as a cash crop that is legal to grow and the entire hemp oil vs CBD oil argument on a deeper level deals with this reality. More hemp oil products are being delivered to the marketplace because more agribusiness is delving into this market.

Medicinal Cannabis Is Helping People in Need

On a somewhat lighter note, cannabis use has increased and for a variety of reasons. In recent times, the pandemic has actually increased both recreational use and medicinal. Some turning to it for pain relief, anxiety relief, and even the stress of the pandemic. On a purely medical level, more people are using it instead of harmful prescription medicine that is highly addictive.

The General Public Opinion About Cannabis Legality Has Changed

Over the last 20 or more years, the opinion of the public has changed on overall cannabis usage. When polled, more Americans are for the legalization or decriminalization of it. On the level of medicinal cannabis, more people are for it being completely legalized.

Here is some research on the topic that talks about how more Americans than ever support the legalization of cannabis so things really are changing. In future years, perhaps all 50 states, and most Western nations will all have legalized cannabis for both medicinal and non-medical reasons. It definitely looks like that is how things are shaping up. One trend in polls on the topic shows that people often defend its usage by comparing it to other more harmful “drugs” that are legal, widely available, and that cause great harm, such as alcohol and tobacco.

Medicinal Cannabis Is Big Business

We have touched on this already, but it is well worth discussing it fully. Cannabis is big business, and it is obviously so for anyone who has taken a look at cannabis-related stocks which are doing really well. The business interest already knows that this is a huge market that is ready to explode with success. If we take a look at states who have decriminalized and even legalized cannabis, that sector is creating a lot of tax revenue for the state and even greater profits for entrepreneurs who open dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses. CBD has also made more people open to the usage of cannabis as a medical option, it being mostly used for pain relief and anxiety relief.

The Federal Government Is Slow to Change

As often is the case, the federal government is behind the times when it comes to medicinal cannabis, and obviously when it comes to recreational usage. While states have been far more progressive, the federal government has not bulged.

What is the future outlook on this stance? It is likely to change because downstream pressure from states who are changing their laws will trickle up to the US legislature, and this will force legislators to back far more progressive legislation when it comes to all forms of cannabis usage.

Pressure from the business interest in the form of lobbying will also take their course and do even more to change the votes of holdouts who have yet to see that now is the time to take the leash off of the cannabis industry. The end result will be great for everyone as a whole.