• Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

Converge, the leading content platform, which is breaking the mold of online white noise, has completed a new phase of development and is now available to agencies who specialise in content, PR and marketing.

Converge.Today is an innovative platform that leverages content to bigger national and global audiences on a daily basis.

Ideal for those wanting to expand news reach and announcements for their clients, Converge.Today is a simple to use publishing option, with a low cost monthly subscription for each client an agency subscribes.

James Tennant is the man behind the company which has attracted attention from serial entrepreneur and Non-Executive Director, Andrew Marsh. He said:

“Converge as a self-publishing platform has proved itself to inhouse marketers and is now ready for the more intense use that comes with having agencies as our clients.

“Those already subscribed are enjoying a wider direct reach to those they want to target with client’s news. The content published is amplified to a large business audience, further increasing a company’s share of voice among relevant audiences. And the agency has contact details on everything that goes out, so the media can find their way direct to the source of they want to follow up the story.

“It’s an easy-to-use platform allowing for professional use of imagery, with great reporting mechanisms, meaning you can follow how many people have viewed your content and when. A great booster for when reporting success to your retained client base.”

By signing up as a contributor, users can upload copy, images, weblinks, videos and rich content. The content is then ideal to share across social media as published on a professional platform and the best bit is that it shares website and social media contact details too, for no extra cost, unlike other platforms that generate news for the public.

Andrew, who is always looking for the next big technology break through, said:

“When I met James and he told me about Converge, I thought this has potential. He has proved me right and now the platform is developed to bring more functionality to those who are currently using it and so it is suitable for a wider audience, it is really starting to make waves in the creative industry.”

The platform allows you to post several articles a month, depending on which package you choose, and the reach of the platform is in the millions.

James concluded:

“We also amplify articles from members giving guidance, insight and perspectives on business topics, supporting driving traffic and engagement further.

“When we launched the company, we discovered that the reason most content isn’t amplified to its full potential is due to the creator’s lack of time or the fact that agencies are only retained for a number of hours a month – Converge addresses this beautifully and feedback from users is that it is having a positive impact on their client’s content strategy!”

Other funders include Gordon Fitzjohn and Mike Teasdale. More information is available at www.converge.today