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Medomsley Physical Abuse Settlement Scheme to conclude on 1 January 2022

Hartlepool Solicitors Tilly Bailey & Irvine explain what happens to the Medomsley Physical Abuse Settlement Scheme in 2022 after working with victims of historical abuse.

The MOJ have confirmed that they will not make any offers of settlement in respect of claims alleging historic abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre where the claim is received after 1st January 2022.

Medomsley Detention Centre was a prison for young male offenders near Consett in Durham, from 1961 until 1987. The aim of the centre was to provide a ‘short, sharp, shock’ treatment to young offenders aged between 17-21 years. Allegations began to surface from former inmates who were subjected to sexual, physical and mental abuse from prisons officers whilst they were detained.

Tilly, Bailey & Irvine have been pursuing claims for former inmates since 2013 when Durham Police launched an investigation into the abuse named ‘Operation Seabrook’.

Tilly, Bailey & Irvine have settled numerous cases for former inmates that were subjected to sexual abuse and more recently settling in excess of 100 cases of those subjected to physical abuse under the Medomsley Physical Abuse Scheme. It is estimated that we have recovered in excess of £200,000 by way of compensation for those physically assaulted and there are many more claimants that have recently come forward.

The Medomsley Physical Abuse scheme provides compensation to former inmates who were subjected to physical abuse whilst detained in Medomsley Detention Centre and can provide independent evidence of their period of detention.

The award of compensation is dependent upon the length of the period of detention. There is also a provision in the scheme to compensate for a lasting physical and/or psychological injury providing this can be supported by medical evidence.

The MOJ will also provide a letter of apology to those eligible for the scheme.

The MOJ also hopes to conclude some of the outstanding claims that have not been capable of settlement where the claimant was detained for non-payment of fines and there is no evidence of their detention or where the claimant has alleged abuse against a member of staff who was not employed at Medomsley at the time of their detention.

If you have been affected by abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre and wish to speak to a solicitor, we would urge you to contact Nathalie Clayton as soon as possible to ensure your claim is submitted before the deadline on 1st January 2022. Call 0333 444 4422 or make a free online enquiry.

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