• SLSHOP introduces CARE, a unique membership for classic SL owners which offers planned, inclusive, servicing among many other benefits for a great value monthly subscription payment.
  • Three tier membership options of CARE CLASSIC, CARE COMPLETE or CARE CONCIERGE covering R107, R113 and R129 SL models.
  • Planned, detailed CARE is as hassle-free, easy to budget for and manage as running a new car, and protects both the value and reliability of your classic SL.  
  • Membership brings incredible savings, with CARE CLASSIC starting at just £11 a month, and CARE COMPLETE, which adds SLSHOP’s comprehensive servicing plan, starting from just £40 a month.  

Europe’s biggest and best independent Mercedes-Benz SL specialists SLSHOP (www.theslshop.com) is introducing CARE, a unique, innovative new community and ownership model that protects the value and ensures the reliability of your classic SL.

SLSHOP owner, Sam Bailey, says: “Whether your SL is used barely, sparingly or extensively, SLSHOP offers a CARE plan to suit, CARE making classic SL ownership effortless, and, crucially, the costs associated with it, as predictable and manageable as possible via a single monthly payment.”


CARE CLASSIC is the access point to the huge benefits and savings of CARE membership. Costing just £11 a month, CARE CLASSIC members get an annual insurance valuation certificate, a ‘key area’ 10-point SL check, a roof mechanism check and adjust. The combined cost of these services alone would usually be £390, meaning CARE CLASSIC represents incredible value for its members.

In addition, CARE CLASSIC members have access to SLSHOP’s technical support helpline, fast-track service bookings, priority access to trips and tours, subscription to SLSHOP’s STATUS magazine and invitations to exclusive SLSHOP MEET/DRIVE/TALK events. CARE CLASSIC members also benefit from free delivery with their first parts order, a 5% discount on all CARE parts as well as discounted insurance and special offers from SLSHOP’s local partners.

CARE COMPLETE builds on the incredible value of CARE CLASSIC and is priced from just £40 per month. It adds a full SLSHOP Vehicle Health Check for just £95 (RRP £495 R107 or £595 R113), certified servicing for 3 years tailored the owner’s usage with pre-planned bookings, reminders and a free courtesy car. CARE COMPLETE also includes a MoT pre-check and MoT test, as well as enhanced discounts on vehicle transportation, detailing, rust protection, COMPLETE parts and hard top summer storage. CARE COMPLETE also guarantees acceptance to SLSHOP’s showroom program and adds a subscription to Classic Mercedes Magazine.

As with all CARE packages, the combined value of service and benefits of CARE COMPLETE significantly outweigh the regular, manageable monthly payment.

CARE CONCIERGE is the SLSHOP’s most comprehensive, premium level of CARE membership. Priced from just £68 a month, CARE CONCIERGE adds collection and delivery in a covered trailer for inclusive servicing, or, alternatively, a stay over at a premium hotel if you wish to drive your SL to the SLSHOP yourself. In addition, CARE CONCIERGE members benefit from use of a premium courtesy car, paint correction and detailing during your service, free summer hard top storage, a day of track time in SLSHOP’s Classic SL Racer and 2x tickets to the NEC Classic Car Show or Silverstone Classic among many other exclusive discounts and savings.

Bailey says: “Our CARE plans ensure the correct annual servicing, MoT and preventative maintenance is addressed in the key areas the SLSHOP know to target. This not only ensures reliability, but helps protect the future value of your SL. Essentially, the car has the right things done at the right time, by the right people, for the right price.”

CARE COMPLETE and CARE CONCIERGE bring inclusive servicing, this tailored to the CARE member’s typical usage.  

CARE COMPLETE member owning a 6-cylinder R107 SL driving under 1000 miles a year would pay just £40 a month for annual servicing and MoT test as well as all of CARE COMPLETE’s other benefits and savings. Should that annual mileage be between 1000 and 5000 miles, CARE COMPLETE subscription would cost £58 a month. The same owner, driving over 5000 miles annually, would pay just £75 a month for all of CARE’s extensive benefits and savings. CARE CONCIERGE adds £28 monthly over COMPLETE pricing.

Whatever CARE package an owner requires the value it represents is significantly in excess of the regular monthly payment, helping members manage their ownership costs and increasing the enjoyment of their cherished, classic SL. 

Bailey says: “Over and above the reassurance of perfectly maintaining your pride and joy, the benefits CARE brings include priority passes to events, contact with our enthusiastic, knowledgeable SLSHOP team and the chance to engage with a like-minded community of SL enthusiasts.”

Bailey adds: “Far too many people own these cars and aren’t creating lasting memories in them. We encourage our CARE community to do more, drive more and see more. Our CARE plan adds huge value to complete spectrum of classic SL ownership, allowing owners to realise the full potential of these incredible machines.”