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Metaphysical properties of Moldavite Stone

ByDave Stopher

Jul 17, 2021 #health, #life

Moldavite is a super powerful stone that can help people transform themselves completely. It is a gorgeous stone with a dark green, opaque texture that makes it look magical. Generally, gemstones are stones that occur naturally under the surface of Earth; however, that’s not the case with Moldavite. And that is why it’s an extraordinary gemstone. Many people pay a very high price to get even a tiny part of this magical stone, and it is believed to possess enormous power within it. We are sure you will be amazed at the story of how Moldavite was born and what this gemstone helps us achieve on the metaphysical plane.

Moldavite is a space stone!

You must know it is a rare stone because it is literally from “out of this world.” This stone occurred naturally only once when a meteorite struck with the Earth, and the friction of the same birthed Moldavite, and hence, the stone brings us knowledge from beyond the universe. Therefore, it is the stone from the space. However, you can also find the synthetic versions of the stone, which are lab-produced in bulk and sold as beautiful pieces of jewelry. But the natural stone is more potent because of its occurrence, and people carrying it experience remarkable transformations. Today we will discuss some fantastic metaphysical benefits of Moldavite gemstone to know how it can help us better.

Benefits of Moldavite:

  1. It is a healing stone: Do you feel overwhelmed with others’ emotions or carry some childhood guilt with you? Such feelings can stop you from living in the present and also make you feel scared of the future. Having a Moldavite stone can help you feel calm and give a sense of security. It allows you to practice mindfulness and heal your inner child or any past trauma that may be impacting you. The stone also helps you get clarity in your thoughts and get the answers to questions that may be troubling you for long.
  2. Suitable for sensitive people: Because this stone carries the quality of a celestial object that was once far away from the Earth, this stone is believed to know the harshness of Earth and the earthly matters. The stone is itself sensitive and lends its powerful healing vibrations to sensitive people. It can connect with overtly emotional people and help calm them down with celestial peace.
  3. Offers various health benefits: Crystal healing has been a part of many cultures across the globe and dates back many centuries ago. Moldavite is one of the most sought-after healing stones for multiple reasons. It can form a connection with the human mind and heart to clear any blockages impacting them. This stone can also help healers “scan” the body and identify and anomalies that are present. An experienced crystal healer will be able to help you look at the beautiful benefits of Moldavite.
  4. Improves mental health / emotional balance: If you are going through a rough time in your life, it can disturb your mind and make you feel very low. Our minds play an essential role in improving the quality of our life. It is majorly responsible for many feelings that we experience and how we respond to life challenges. Meditating with Moldavite and help refresh your mind to receive pure and positive thoughts that motivate you to deal with anything in your life. The stone also helps in release in negative thoughts or blockages.
  5. Takes us on the path of spirituality: The path of spirituality is not the same for everyone. Once a person understands its purpose, the true calling of life, that is the path of spirituality because the person will genuinely commit and devote him/herself to fulfill that purpose. We all have a different life purpose, and consciously or unconsciously, we are all looking for it. Moldavite stone helps you connect with your purpose as you meditate with it. It can help you show the way that you ought to tread and feel valuable in life.
  6. Attracts good fortune: When you in pink of health and following the purpose of your life, good fortune and happiness will not be some distant achievements. For long, people are wearing Moldavite stones to attract good luck and fortune. In some cases, Moldavite is also believed to aid fertility. Its magical space powers attract everything good around you, making you feel victorious and humble in life.
  7. Balance your heart chakra: A blocked heart chakra can make you feel lonely and in need of companionship. At the same time, it can also give you social anxiety and an inability to connect with people. Moldavite is an excellent stone that can help you safeguard your heart chakra and heal it inside out to improve your connection with yourself and with other people around you. Simply keep the stone near you while you meditate, and within few days, you will notice a positive change in you as you will feel happier.

Buy Moldavite Gemstone Online

Moldavite is a rare crystal, and therefore, it can take a while for you to find it. It is undoubtedly a great stone to carry, and you can buy jewelry sets or bracelets made with Moldavite gemstone to raise your vibrations. Be sure to select a piece of jewelry that allows some contact between the stone and your skin. Today, you can also expect to see Moldavite available on online shopping portals for sale. Trusted international websites such as GemPundit.com and other similar gemstone online stores offer a wide variety of authentic Moldavite stones in desired form – jewelry, rough stone, gemstone, and more options. These websites also offer proper legal documents that prove the authenticity of a gemstone, and hence one can buy gemstones online from them without any worry or fear. These websites also offer a great deal of information on how to source authentic stones, benefits, uses, and more.

Caring for Moldavite

Moldavite stone comes with explosive energies, and some people may experience headaches or uneasiness as they start to wear it. But, don’t worry, as you can stabilize Moldavite’s energies with help from other crystals such as clear quartz and smoky quartz if you wear it as jewelry. You can also combine Moldavite stone with grounding stones such as Red Jasper, Obsidian or etc. if you plan to use Moldavite for meditation or healing purposes. Also, Moldavite can be sensitive to water or soap. So, if you buy Moldavite gemstone jewelry, you need to be extremely careful with water and soap contact. Also, cleansing of the stone needs to be done carefully to avoid any damage or cracks. Also, to claim its powers or increase its vibrations, you can put the stone under full Moonlight. Since the stones are from space, Moonlight helps it absorb the celestial energies that will later benefit you in many ways.


Moldavite is one of the most dynamic stones or crystals to have, but one needs to be careful in handling it. We hope this article allowed you to know about the magical properties of Moldavite in a better way, and now you can find suitable stone or gemstone jewelry for yourself. Have a great day and happy shopping!

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