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MINI and Dogs Trust’s top tips for happy travel with your V.I.Pooches


Jan 8, 2022 #Dogs Trust, #Mini

MINI UK and partner Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, are on a mission to help you and your Very Important Pooches (VIPs) travel safely and happily during the festive period.

One in three households in the UK now include a dog[1] and online searches for ‘how to travel with a dog’ have risen by 97%[2] ahead of the holiday season, so MINI and Dogs Trust have compiled five top tips for calmer car journeys.

It’s a good idea to introduce car travel gently and as early on as possible. Dogs having choice around a new or scary thing improves their confidence long-term.

You can start by simply acquainting your dog or puppy with the car itself. Encourage them to have a good sniff and get familiar with your vehicle’s scent. Open up the doors and boot, allowing them to hop in and out at their leisure. A tasty reward for their nose work will help build positive associations with the car.

Signs of distress can be shaking, panting and pulling away from the car. There are so many reasons a dog might feel anxious about car journeys – so introduce your dog to the car slowly and try to take some trips purely for fun to the beach or park. That way you’ll begin to build positive associations. Watch out for signs of over-stimulation and stress and take a break and a few steps back to the point your dog was comfortable.

Consider where your dog will travel and protect your pooch by securing them in place with a harness, guard or crate. That way they’ll be restrained if you have to make a sudden stop. It’ll also help to keep them out of the driver’s way, and avoid distractions while you’re on the move.

Can your dog do a ‘three-point turn’ in the back of the car? Your dog should be able to stand up, turn around comfortably and lie down in their space in the car.

Everyone enjoys an in-car treat, including your doggie pals. Bring your pooches’ favourite treats on trips to reward them for being a great travel companion. You could prepare them a long-lasting chew for the journey or a passenger could drop them a little reward every now and then.

David George, Director of MINI UK says, “With more dogs in families now than ever before, we’re really happy to be working with Dogs Trust to support our MINI and dog-loving customers to help make sure they travel safely and enjoy the ride.”

MINI is a sponsor at DogFest Christmas at Crystal Palace Park on Saturday 27th November and Dogs Trust are the official charity partner for the event. Visitors will be able to try out the travel tips first-hand with a MINI Clubman, or even have a go around the MINI Dogstacle course, as well as visit the Dogs Trust Village to find out more about the important work they do. 

For more information about the MINI and Dogs Trust partnership, visit the MINI Dogs Hub: https://www.mini.co.uk/en_GB/home/mini-dogs-hub.html

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