If you’ve ever had a bridge or dental implant, braces, or a crown, you can appreciate how unpleasant dental impression material is. However, nowadays, there are alternatives to the conventional impressions. With forward-thinking technology, a dentist can now create a digital impression of your mouth. No more impression material that makes you gag or the need for retaking the impressions. Digital impression allows dentists like this Dentist in Massapequa to obtain all the information they require to create the bridge, crown or whichever dental treatment or appliance you need. The gentle dentistry provides checkups and cleanings, tooth-colored fillings, dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, whitening, oral surgery. Visit their gentle dentistry page and Gentle Dentistry website, for more details.

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What Is A Digital Impression?

A digital impression is basically a digital scan that generates a map of your mouth which subsequently permit the dentist to have a look at your teeth on a PC screen. This is way better than merely looking at an X-ray or having to use a mirror to check inside your mouth. Digital impressions are taken by the dentist’s assistant with a tiny wand. As the wand moves inside your mouth, it captures many small images and takes measurements that are pieced together by the digital impression equipment software to create a correct map of your mouth.

Advantages Of Digital Impressions

Digital impressions performed by LVL Orthodontics in Highland Park have various advantages including:

  • Comfort – The 3D scanner offers much more comfort to dental patients as opposed to conventional impressions. Patients with sensitive gag reflexes from having impression material stuck in their mouths or have teeth which are sensitive to cold, can now sit back and relax while the digital impression is captured.
  • Quality – Digital impressions constrain the margin for miscalculation and distortion compared to conventional impressions. You can now have your bridge, crown or other appliance fitted without any issues, knowing that the information was gathered from a detailed, all-digital source. In comparison to X-rays, you can have Crossroads Dental Arts implants fitted in a better position than utilizing X-rays by itself.
  • Affordability – You don’t pay any additional cost for a digital impression.

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Digital Impressions And Dental Associates

Digital associates are a top choice of dental practices implementing digital impressions. Many clinics use digital scanning for orthodontics, general dentistry, as well as restorative procedures. Digital impressions are an excellent technology advancement which is often considered as your state-of-the-art dental equipment at clinics. Some practices use 3D panoramic scans that permit the dentist to view the entire jaw and move the image seen on the screen to better inspect from various angles. This is a more detailed method of looking at your jaw and teeth to get a more advanced picture of your entire skull and overall dental health.  Digital X-rays can also be used for emitting a small amount of radiation to offer the patient a more comfortable experience while X-rays are taken. When used together with a lead apron, the digital X-ray will emit less radiation compared to the experience of flying in a plane. All this technology in conjunction with digital impressions can offer you the most detailed and contemporary oral health care.