• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub


A YOUNG Tyneside entrepreneur has combined her passion for nail design with an interest in the zodiac to open a new nail studio.

Kay Winter launched her studio, The Eleventh Sign Nail Design, at Hoults Yard earlier this year after training at the prestigious Willow Academy.

She’d long had an interest in nails and while on a visit to a manicurist in Newcastle, thought about learning more about the trade. During the Covid lockdowns she started to watch online videos and train herself.

When she moved to Saudi Arabia to work as an admin assistant for an oil company she practised her newly-gained skills on other women on the compound where she lived.

“When I returned to the UK to work as an assistant at a Newcastle accountancy firm, I thought I’d take the plunge, train properly and then open my own studio,” explained Kay.

Which is exactly what’s she done, while still working full-time at the accountancy firm.

“I learned so much at the Willow Academy in Middlesbrough and I’m delighted to have opened my nail design salon on Hoults Yard,” Kay added.

She is offering clients appointments seven days a week at The Eleventh Sign. Her opening hours are 6 – 8pm Monday to Friday and then 1pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

“I’m one of very few studios that opens on a Sunday and my opening times are ideal for working people who want their nails transformed but can’t make a 9-5 appointment,” Kay explained.

The name of her studio comes from her fascination in the zodiac: “I’ve been interested in the zodiac and tarot readings for some time and the name and the design of my studio reflects that. I used to suffer from anxiety and my interest in the zodiac calmed me – now it provides reassurance of where I am and where I should focus on going.”

She finds fulfilment from working with her clients, and in creating original nail designs for them. “It’s great to see your work appreciated and people feeling better about themselves when they leave your studio. I spend a lot of time finding inspiration for designs from patterns in fabric, nature and from other designers. I also think a lot about the colour palette I use,” she said.

Kay is originally from Bishop Auckland, where she undertook an apprenticeship with the North East Chamber of Commerce while working as a legal secretary. She moved to Gateshead 12 years ago and has since worked as a legal or personal assistant.

Once she decided to open her own salon, she knew exactly where she wanted to be based: “I’ve known about Hoults Yard for some time – I came to a musical festival years ago and I’m a big fan of Proven Good doughnuts. There is a great vibe here and a lot of interesting businesses – and everyone has been so supportive, from the Hoults team to my new neighbours,” said Kay.

Fore more information about The Eleventh Sign Nail Design, go to https://www.fresha.com/a/the-eleventh-sign-nail-design-newcastle-upon-tyne-hoults-yard-newcastle-upon-tyne-uk-walker-road-aix57hnh