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National Candy Month 2023: Where is Your Sweet Tooth?


Jun 6, 2023 #Candy

National Candy Month 2023: Where is Your Sweet Tooth?

June is the time of year when we celebrate National Candy Month. This month-long ode to sweet treats is the perfect time to indulge in your favorite candies, try new ones, and learn a little bit more about the history and culture of candy.

If you have a sweet tooth, National Candy Month is the perfect time to celebrate. From classic favorites like chocolate bars and gummies to unique flavors and international treats, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit your childhood favorites or try something new – either way, you’re guaranteed to satisfy your sugar cravings.

But National Candy Month is about more than just indulging in sweets. It’s a time to reflect on the cultural significance of candy and how it has played a role in our lives throughout history. Whether it’s the tradition of handing out candy on Halloween or the role of sweets in celebrations and ceremonies around the world, candy has a special place in many cultures and traditions.

The History of National Candy Month

National Candy Month is a relatively new holiday, but it has its roots in a long history of candy-making and sugar consumption. The holiday was first declared in 1974 by the National Confectioners Association, a trade organization that represents candy makers and suppliers in the United States.

Since then, National Candy Month has become a staple of the candy industry, with candy companies and retailers partnering with each other to promote the holiday and offer discounts and promotions on candy products. Candy makers also use the month to showcase their newest products, flavors, and packaging designs, giving consumers even more options to choose from.

Candy-Making Traditions Around the World

Candy has been a part of cultures around the world for centuries, and each country has its own unique candy-making traditions and specialties. Here are a few of the most interesting candy traditions from around the world:


In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a celebration of life and death that takes place every year in the first two days of November. As part of the celebration, families make altars to honor their deceased loved ones, and they offer gifts of food, candles, and sugar skulls.

Sugar skulls are intricately decorated skulls made from granulated sugar. The skulls are a symbol of death and the afterlife, but they’re also a sweet treat that’s enjoyed by both adults and children during the celebration.


In Japan, candy-making is considered an art form, and the country has a long history of producing high-quality, beautifully packaged sweets. One of the most famous types of Japanese candy is wagashi, a traditional confection that’s made with sugar, rice flour, and sometimes bean paste or fruit.

Wagashi comes in many different shapes and flavors, from fruity to floral to savory, and it’s often served with tea or as a sweet treat after a meal.


In Italy, chocolate-making is a beloved tradition that dates back centuries. One of the most famous Italian chocolates is gianduja, a smooth, rich chocolate made with hazelnuts. Gianduja is used in everything from candies to gelato to spreads like Nutella.

Italy is also home to a popular Easter candy called colomba di Pasqua, or “Easter dove.” This sweet bread is shaped like a dove and studded with candied fruit and almonds, and it’s a traditional gift that’s exchanged during the holiday.

Candy-Making at Home

If you’re feeling inspired by National Candy Month, why not try your hand at making your own sweets at home? Candy-making can be a fun and rewarding hobby, and it’s a great way to create unique treats that you won’t find in stores.

There are plenty of resources online that can teach you how to make everything from chocolate truffles to homemade gummies, so pick a recipe that appeals to you and get started. You’ll need some basic equipment like a candy thermometer and candy molds, but once you have everything you need, the possibilities are endless.

Celebrate National Candy Month in Your Own Way

Whether you prefer to indulge in your favorite candy bars, try new and exotic flavors, or experiment with candy-making at home, National Candy Month is the perfect time to explore your sweet tooth and celebrate the joy of candy. So grab your favorite sweets and enjoy – after all, life is sweeter with a little candy.

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