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NEW BOOK: ‘The Guide to Small-Scale Property Development – and the rise of the Landlord Developer’


Jul 4, 2022 #Business, #Experts

The ‘Guide To Small-Scale Property Development – And the Rise of the Landlord Developer’, the new book from small-scale property development experts Ian Child and Ritchie Clapson CEng MIStructE of propertyCEO.

Whether you’re an existing or would-be landlord or simply looking to generate wealth from property, small-scale property development is a strategy you should definitely know about.

Property investment has undergone many changes in recent years, and during that time the traditional strategy of buy-to-let investing has been hit hard by tax hikes and increased regulation.

Many people suggest that the easy money has now gone, and that power has shifted to the educated investor who knows how best to sweat their assets to maximise returns.

So where are the best property returns in this new, challenging environment? And how do savvy investors and landlords combine development with buy-to-let investing to supercharge their results?

Welcome to the world of small-scale property development; taking on small, lower-risk and quicker development projects to create significant profits.

Ian Child and Ritchie Clapson’s and latest book, ‘The Guide to Small-Scale Property Development’ gives you a complete overview of this increasingly popular strategy, detailing not only its upsides but also explaining the pitfalls that could befall the unwary developer.

The book’s warts-and-all approach ensures that you get a balanced view of the risks as well as the rewards, making it the ideal starting point for anyone considering property development for the first time, as well as those looking to refine their development skills. Small-scale development projects arguably represent the best opportunity in today’s market.

In ‘The Guide to Small-Scale Property Development’ Ian and Ritchie help you:

  • Discover the strategy that savvy property investors and landlords are turning to, to supercharge their profits
  • Understand the system enabling first-time developers to tackle development projects without any previous property or development experience
  • Find out how to recruit experienced professionals to deliver your project, giving you immense leverage
  • Learn the secrets to obtaining commercial finance and private investment for almost any property development project, without having to self-fund
  • Get the surprising lowdown on exactly how little money you need to invest personally to develop property
  • Become credible as a new developer from day one without having to build a development track record first, and discover how these projects can be done in your spare time
  • Discover the risks and common pitfalls of development that you will want to avoid

Learn from the authors’ 75+ years of property and business experience:

  • Understand the end-to-end property development process with a focus on smaller projects with less risk and faster return
  • Discover the new permitted development rights that allow many buildings to be converted without full planning permission
  • See the propertyCEO property development system, which allows you to create a development business working in your spare time
  • Learn how to source finance for your projects using both commercial lenders and private investors
  • Learn how to build a great team that can deliver these projects for you, even if you don’t currently know anyone in the industry
  • Discover where to find the best opportunities and how to get an edge over experienced developers
  • Learn how to combine development with investment to scale up your returns.

This book is for anyone considering small-scale property development as a means to generate wealth, or for existing property investors looking to maximise opportunities in the current market and take their profits to the next level.

“Not so long ago, buy-to-let was seen as an assured route to long-term equity growth and short-term income. But tax hikes and increased regulation have made this strategy more challenging. It has left would-be property investors and existing landlords wondering what’s the best way to make money from property in today’s market,” said Ian Child, co-author of ‘The Guide to Small-Scale Property Development’

“Small-scale property development is the strategy now being adopted by savvy investors and landlords looking to maximise their returns. Sweeping new Permitted Development Rights have made it easier to convert small commercial buildings, generating substantial six-figure profits in short timescales, working in one’s spare time and with no prior development experience. And for existing landlords the results can be truly transformational, particularly when combined with a robust buy-to-let strategy.”

“In this book, we reveal how anyone looking to generate wealth through property can take on these relatively small, lower-risk developments. And with the level of personal investment required being far lower than other property investment models, it makes small-scale property development the perfect strategy for both new and experienced property investors,” added co-author Ritchie Clapson CEng MIStructE.


Ritchie Clapson CEng MIStructE and Ian Child are veteran property developers and businesspeople with over 75 years combined experience. They are also founders of propertyCEO, a nationwide property development and training company that helps people create a successful property development business in their spare time. It makes use of students’ existing life skills while teaching them the property, business, and mindset knowledge they need to undertake small scale developments successfully, with the emphasis on utilising existing permitted development rights to minimize risk and maximize returns.






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