A specialist skincare centre in Morpeth is offering the discerning gentleman a skin treatment that is normally associated with the female gender.

Gabella Aesthetics in the town’s Newgate Street specialises in skin assessment and management plans and offers treatments and products including dermal fillers, peel abrasions, anti-aging and anti-acne procedures.

A few years ago, the look for the in-vogue man was designer stubble but now the practice has seen an influx of men wanting to look younger whilst still keeping their natural appearance. The answer is Botulinum toxin injections; commonly known as Botox. Now, however, the busy stream of men wanting to benefit from the treatment has given the procedure the nickname of “Brotox.”

The clinical side of the skin treatment centre is run by specialist accident and emergency registrar Lucy Holloway from Widdrington while husband Kyle concentrates on admin, bookings and ensuring that the customer gets the best possible service.

Lucy graduated in 2008 with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton and her most recent qualification was in 2013 when she received a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is using all of her theoretical medical knowledge and her practical experience of working in A&E to give her clients the best possible skin care available.

“Unlike in the hospital where I have to work fast and make quick decisions, with facial aesthetics I can spend more time with my clients and carry out the treatments at a more relaxed sedate pace that makes the patient feel valued and comfortable, “said Lucy.

“Men are no different to women in the sense that if they look good, they will feel good about themselves. My work is all about improving self-confidence and I believe that self-confidence is akin to beauty. I love to make people smile and that’s the best part of my job.”

One of her Brotox customers who already has a lot of self-confidence is Joni Valadares from Gateshead who was recently crowned as Mr. Gay England.

“In my role, it’s important to look as good as you can. The Botox treatment I get helps me to keep looking young and it also gives me a massive amount of self-confidence. I feel in very safe hands with Lucy as she is meticulous in the way that she carries out the treatment. Having a qualified doctor looking after my skin care is reassuring and her treatment makes me feel invigorated and keeps my skin looking young and healthy.”