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New Family Business Has Terms of Endearment

A local father and daughter have joined forces to launch their new business in Alnwick.  With decades of experience between them, their aim is to provide expert advice and training to businesses on credit control, terms of business and exporting goods – particularly in light of the changes BREXIT will bring.

Both Nick Neal and her father, Bryan Ellis, are keenly aware of the daily problems faced by businesses when it comes to getting paid on-time.  Cash flow is absolutely critical to many SMEs and business owners often find themselves feeling stressed when their invoices are left unpaid.  The family-team are also both members of the Institute of Export and International Trade.  As well as advice on credit issues, they’ll be offering step-by-step training on export matters, such as the required insurances, political issues, margins and the post-BREXIT tariff barriers.

Nick set up the new business, Business and Export Credit Solutions (BECS), to share the vital knowledge she’d acquired over an impressive career that has seen her working all over the world.  She started her working life as a civil servant in the finance department and since then she’s excelled in many key positions, focussing on credit control and export.  She’s a graduate member of the Institute of Credit Management and was chosen, for her expertise, to troubleshoot financial problems in the Asia-Pacific region for BP Marine where she also delivered vital training to other members of staff.

She said, “Although credit and export issues affect businesses of all sizes, I’m particularly keen to help SMEs. They often have ongoing headaches with these problems with little support available to them.  I soon realised that having my dad onboard was essential.  “He’s a trained and skilled economist with a vast amount of experience in corporate affairs.  He was on his second retirement when I rang him and asked for his help.  I told him my plans and he couldn’t wait to get involved.  I think together, we can make a real difference to businesses, both local and further afield.”

At the age of 75, Bryan Ellis is still heavily involved in the business world.  Having enjoyed successful positions, such as Director of Woolworths and General Manager of toy-giant Hasbro, he then spent 13 years working all over Europe as a Corporate Affairs and Global Trade Consultant during his first retirement.

During his subsequent second retirement and beyond, Bryan is Chair of the Northumberland Theatre Company and Chairperson of Longhoughton Parish Council.  He’s now looking forward to working alongside his talented daughter in their new venture.

“I’m very proud of Nick and the way she has approached this new business. She has a proven track record of helping companies get paid quicker and her knowledge of export credit control is second to none. I’m delighted to be able to add my experience to the business and working with my daughter is an added bonus.”

BECS are currently offering the following training courses from their Alnwick base:

Friday 1st December – BREXIT – What it Means for You and Your Business.

2 – 5 pm.  Cost £42 (inc.VAT.)

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