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New Map Shows Where to Find UNESCO World Heritage Sites Around the World

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A new map shows where to find UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world.

Airport parking specialists Skypark Secure have created the map which charts how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites every country has. With a total of 1073 UNESCO sites around the world, the handy map is a great tool for planning where to visit first

Coming in at the top spot is China, which has a total of 52 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The company also looked specifically at which countries ranked the highest for ‘natural’ and ‘cultural’ UNESCO Sites, as classified by UNESCO.

A natural site may include areas such as national parks and coastlines, while a cultural site may be an old castle or museum.

In the top spot for natural sites is Australia, China and the USA, which all have 12 natural sites.

Meanwhile, the country with the most cultural UNESCO sites is Italy which has a total of 48 cultural sites.

The UK ranked highly in the research by Skypark Secure, with the country ranking in 8th place for number of UNESCO sites, with a total of 31 sites.

UNESCO sites in the UK include Durham Castle and Cathedral, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Lake District.

The UK also ranked highly for cultural UNESCO sites, with a total of 26 cultural sites, which places the UK in 7th place for this category.

You can view the full results of the research in the infographic below.

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Skypark Secure have also created an interactive map of every UNESCO site around the world which allows you to find out more about each site and even view all of the sites using the street view tool.

You can view the interactive UNESCO map on the Skypark Secure website.


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