Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 14.09.43A major shake up of the recycling scheme operated across Hambleton will see an improved service for all the district’s households.

The New Year will see the results of a new waste strategy for the District Council kick in – starting with the addition of a third wheelie bin for each home.

Residents will be able to place recycle more waste materials than ever before – more plastics, more cardboard, paper, foil, cartons, cans and aerosols.   Glass will also be collected – in the existing blue box.

The authority launched its new Waste Strategy this week – and placed signage on its fleet of waste trucks announcing the new scheme.   Next month (October) leaflets explaining the changes will be delivered to homes.

“Hambleton residents have been calling for better provision for home recycling for many years – and with this new scheme we can do just that,” said Leader of the Council, Councillor Mark Robson (pictured).

“It is a massive change to the systems we operate – we are bringing in a new fleet of vehicles, homes will get a third wheelie bin and properties that haven’t been able to kerbside recycle in the past will be brought into the scheme.”

New wheeled bins – black with a blue lid – will be delivered to homes in February ready for the first collections from the end of February.     They will be collected at the kerbside every fortnight with either the household waste or the garden waste bins.

“The new strategy sets out the policies, aims and targets for our waste service for the next ten years – and how we intend to achieve them,” added Councillor Robson.

“The new kerbside system should see us hit our target of recycling and composting 53% of waste by 2020 – which will make us the top performer in North Yorkshire and 3% above the national target.   Success depends on residents making best use of the service and striving to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste they produce.”

The new strategy can be accessed at – hard copies are available to read at the council’s offices in Northallerton, Easingwold and Stokesley and all Hambleton based libraries.