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New study names the UK’s biggest ‘icks’


Aug 3, 2022

The modern dating world is already on par with a real-life version of The Hunger Games, and getting the ‘ick’ is the latest dating phenomenon that can throw a spanner in the works of any blossoming romance. With this in mind, Lovehoney has conducted research to uncover exactly what people are looking for (and looking to avoid) when dating.

The UK’s biggest ‘icks’

When asked exactly what gives people the ‘ick’, it was revealed that the most common ‘icks’ are, poor personal hygiene (55%) doing drugs (46%) and having bad manners (37%).


% of respondents that say this attribute gives them the ‘ick’

Poor personal hygiene


Does drugs


Bad manners




Talks about their ex


It was also found that while the UK’s ‘icks’ are fairly unanimous, drinking a lot of alcohol (25%), being prominent on social media (6%), and replying to messages quickly (2%), were all flagged as giving people the ‘ick’.

The UK’s biggest turn-ons

In addition to the biggest ‘icks’, Lovehoney also asked what traits Brits find the most appealing in a potential partner, and it was found that good hygiene (63%), being respectful (48%) and having good manners (43%) are Brits’ biggest turn-ons. When comparing what turns men on vs women, it was found that 37% of men a turned on by open-mindedness in the bedroom, compared to only 15% of women.


% of respondents that find this attribute to be a turn-on

Good hygiene




Good manners




Open-mindedness in the bedroom


Almost half of British women have ended a relationship due to getting the ‘ick’

When you get ‘the ick’, it’s often followed by getting a pit in your stomach as you know that this romance is hitting the rocks, but does that really mean it’s the end? For women, it often does. The study found that almost half of female respondents (43%) admitted to ending a relationship due to getting the ick, and 60% said that they’d never come back from ‘the ick’. So, unfortunately, for anyone in a relationship with a woman who’s gotten ‘the ick’, this means almost certain relationship death.

The psychology behind the ‘ick’

Sex and relationship expert, Ness Cooper shares her inside on why we experience the ‘ick’.

“When we get ‘the ick’, it’s something that challenges our internal belief systems that have often been put into place a long time ago from upbringing and social influences. This also makes it pretty hard to move past, as while our focuses are changing in the relationship, we also notice the differences in feel-good hormones that start to wane after the initial honeymoon period. The ick can put us off performing our normal relationship routines and activities that make us feel connected.”

The full study can be found here: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/the-uk-ick-index.html

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