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New Walking Zone keeps Youngsters Active and Safe

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 16.18.55A NEW zone around a Middlesbrough school is encouraging youngsters to get a little fresh air and exercise before lessons start.

The pioneering 5 Minutes Walking Zone has been created around The Avenue Primary School with signs specially designed by the pupils themselves.

The zone and an accompanying leaflet encourage parents and guardians to park at least a five minute walk away from the school, and then walk the rest.

In May this year pupils from The Avenue took part in the Walking to School Week project organised by One Planet Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough Environment City, working in partnership with Middlesbrough Council.

Year five pupils were in competition with four other Middlesbrough primary schools to see which school could improve the most by walking to school more.

The Avenue made the biggest difference, going on to design the sign for the new 5 Minutes Walking Zone around the school.

This zone means that everybody then benefits – youngsters and guardians get more physical exercise and schools are safer places for all as there are fewer cars around.

The Avenue Deputy Headteacher Matthew Kelly said: “The Walking to School Project has had a real impact upon the children’s understanding of the need to look after our environment and at the same time stay fit and healthy.”

One Planet Middlesbrough Project Manager Joe Dunne said: “Walking to school is an all-round win-win activity.

“National studies have shown that children who walk to school are more alert and ready to learn, which improves learning and attainment.

“It is also a fun way to spend some more quality time with family and friends and an easy way of achieving the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

“The more children who walk to school and aren’t dropped off in the car also reduces the number of cars on the roads around schools, making them safer and nicer places to be.

“The signs look fantastic and hopefully this will encourage more parents who do drive their children to school to park that little bit further away and enjoy walking that last bit to school.”

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