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  • Tough: enhanced capability thanks to upgraded suspension and increased payload
  • Smart: new on-board and in-app technologies delivered through NissanConnect infotainment system
  • Efficient: Euro6D-temp twin-turbo engine mated to all-new manual transmission
  • On sale now across Europe 

PARIS, France (8th July, 2019) – Nissan has today released more information on the enhanced Nissan Navara pick-up truck, on sale now across Europe. An array of upgraded technologies ensure the Navara is top of the class in the pick-up truck sector, alongside an industry-leading pan-European 5 year / 100,000-mile warranty as standard.

Business owners and families will be reassured by the Navara’s improved efficiency, and journeys will be smoother thanks to the Navara’s all-new six speed manual transmission. Upgraded suspension improves the ride, handling and comfort of the vehicle, and front and rear disc brakes are now applied as standard for improved stopping power. The revised suspension means that the Navara can now also carry heavier payloads and thanks to Intelligent Trailer Sway Assist technology, towing has never been so confident.

“This new generation Navara is developed from Nissan’s 80 years of experience designing robust and practical pick-ups, and represents an exciting new step for this vehicle,” said Paolo D’Ettore, LCV Business Unit Director. “With its Go Anywhere capabilities and award-winning engineering, the Navara will undoubtedly maintain its status as the hero of Nissan’s LCV range far into the future.”

The more efficient engine has fuel economy up to 40.9mpg (NEDC-back translation Combined Cycle) and emissions now starting from 182g CO2 per km.  As the ultimate versatile working tool, the Navara’s twin-turbo engine comes with a choice of two outputs offering 163PS / 120kW and 190PS / 140kW respectively. The entry level engine also sees a 22Nm boost in torque to 425Nm, thanks to the change from single to twin-turbo chargers.

The engine features the adoption of steel pistons and Diamond-Like Carbon Coating to piston rings, as well as a lower compression ratio of 15.1 (vs. 15.4 previously). The fuel injection system pressure has increased from 2000 to 2200 bar with a new pump, for more precision and efficiency. The water cooling system has been updated and a new exhaust system integrates Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technologies, providing a more compact design with lower NOx emissions.

Navara’s all-new six speed manual transmission is manufactured in Europe and is the first application globally. The new transmission delivers a major improvement in ease of shifting and refinement thanks to cable operation, adoption of a shorter gear lever, enhanced synchronisation and reduced vibration. The new transmission also features a more conventional shift pattern, with reverse gear located next to first, and new gear ratios for improved fuel efficiency and lower noise levels for highway driving. There has also been further tuning of the 7-speed automatic transmission, with improvements to comfort, refinement and responsiveness. 

The Navara features the second generation of the SUV-like 5-link rear suspension, a radical departure from the leaf springs used on most competitor pick-ups, providing better comfort and control without compromising capability. Nissan was the first manufacturer to bring 5-link suspension to the 1-ton pick-up market on the Navara Double Cab launched in 2015, and this has now been applied to the King Cab, the world’s first application on this type of pick-up.

As a result, the Navara sees improved comfort and control without compromising on load hauling ability. The King Cab sees an increase in payload of 55-95Kg (depending on specification) versus the previous model with a new payload of 1,165Kg (and Permissible Total Weight of 3,200Kg).  The Double Cab meanwhile sees a payload increase of 54 – 114Kg (depending on specification), taking total payloads to 1115Kg – 1180Kg and a Permissible Total Weight of 3250Kg.

Front suspension modifications enable steering effort to be reduced, with lighter and more comfortable handling in low-speed manoeuvring. The 25mm lift in rear suspension and 2-stage coil spring enhance the vehicle posture, which now has a more formidable stance.

Front disc brakes have increased in size from 296mm to 320mm, with rear brakes now featuring 308mm discs in place of the previous drums. As well as improved stopping distances, this has also enhanced pedal feel and fade resistance, reduced noise levels and makes it easier to obtain maximum performance, with a 40% reduction in pedal force required.

Other notable new features for this year’s model include Intelligent Trailer Sway Assist. This new system anticipates trailer sway by detecting yaw in the vehicle and making minute corrections in individual wheel braking and torque reduction to bring the vehicle and trailer back under control. Intelligent Emergency Braking, Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control and Intelligent Around View Monitor are again included, cementing the Navara’s status as an all-purpose pick-up that packs the latest technology.

Inside, the relationship between vehicle and driver is being redefined with new NissanConnect with Alliance In-Vehicle Connectivity (A-IVC).  The NissanConnect infotainment system sees a dramatic hardware and software overhaul allowing customers to mirror their phone inside the vehicle, displayed on a new 8” high resolution clearer screen (7” previously) with multi-touch control and faster response times.

The Navara also sees the addition of the NissanConnect Services app, featuring a telematics control unit and built-in 4G device that allows data to be shared without a separate phone connection. Embedded TomTom Maps combine with over-the-air updates to ensure mapping is accurate in real time, alongside live traffic information, 3D maps, weather information and Google Satellite and Street View. The app also includes remote horn and light control and remote vehicle locator for the ultimate stress-free journey. The new system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, delivering the seamless connectivity expected by today’s consumers.

The upgraded Navara represents an evolution of the pick-up’s now synonymous rugged and contemporary aesthetic. As well as heightened posture from improved suspension, new wheel designs are also applied across the Navara range. The wheel size has also been increased from 16 to 17 inches on lower grades.

Higher grade models feature updated LED headlamps with a high gloss black inner shell replacing the previous chromed part of the design. The Navara also includes a pan-European 5 year / 100,000-mile warranty as standard.

The Navara is sold in 109 countries worldwide, and this model is engineered specifically with European customers in mind and is built at the NMISA plant in Barcelona, which has just celebrated 35 years of production success. Elements of Nissan’s crossover expertise now re-enforce the Navara’s Go Anywhere strength, which boasts 12 successive model generations and numerous special editions.  Thanks to the success of the most recent Navara ‘N-Guard’ special edition, Nissan will continue to produce this version in the line-up.

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