• Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

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  • Newcastle named the one of the UK’s most ‘superstitious’ city
  • Knock on wood and pick up that penny, study reveals the most commonly followed superstitions in Newcastle
  • With only 33% of residents considering themselves lucky, it’s no wonder they turn to rituals

Millions of Brits have a lucky item of clothing, knock on wood, or avoid walking under ladders. However, according to new UK-wide research, Newcastle has been named as one of the most likely place to follow these bizarre superstitions.

Research conducted by 888 Poker has found that 79% of Geordies would describe themselves as ‘superstitious’, as well as naming the most obscure rituals that they let affect their everyday lives.

Don’t expect the streets of Newcastle to be paved with pennies, with almost half (47%) of the city’s residents believing the old superstition of ‘find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck’ making it the city’s most popular ritual.

However, the city doesn’t live it’s life by all of the traditional superstitions with only 8% admitting to owning a lucky item of clothing.


  1. Avoid walking under ladders (51%)
  2. Find a penny, pick it up (47%)
  3. Bad luck comes in threes (28%)
  4. Breaking a mirror brings bad luck (28%)
  5. Knock on wood (23%)

This superstitious way of life doesn’t appear to be bringing too much joy, as only 33% of Geordies considered themselves to be naturally lucky.

This habitual unluckiness doesn’t stop the people of Newcastle from pursuing their dreams, as only 10% see wishing as a futile act, with the rest admitting having wished for either good health or a financial windfall at some point in their lives.