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Oakes Energy supports major energy efficiency project in Halifax

Oakes Energy Services Limited is supporting a significant energy efficiency project for a West Yorkshire housing association by installing multiple communal ground source heating systems.

Working in partnership with UK ground source heat pump manufacturers, Kensa Heat Pumps, and contractual division, Kensa Contracting, Oakes is fitting hundreds of the environmentally friendly systems across several sites operated by Together Housing in Halifax.

Oakes Energy, part of Pacifica Group, is connecting to multiple bore hole arrays around the properties. These arrays have been installed by specialist drilling contractor Geo Drill Limited and enables heat to be transferred from the ground to the buildings.

The ground is constantly and naturally warmed by the sun. One metre below ground the temperature remains a fairly constant 8-10°C all year round, making it an excellent renewable and environmentally friendly heat source for ground source heat pumps, resulting in cheaper bills, lower carbon emissions, as well as offering reduced maintenance requirements.

Heat energy from the ground is converted into heat through a Kensa Shoebox ground source heat pump, which Oakes Energy is installing in each of the homes, replacing previously inefficient night storage heating systems.

The company has already completed around 70 installations in one high-rise apartment building and is currently working on a number of flats before moving onto a housing estate.

Together Housing is a non-profit organisation, which manages over 36,000 homes across Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Oakes Energy Services provides a range of energy efficient services to commercial and domestic applications, which includes designing and installing renewable energy systems to reduce energy consumption and bills.

It forms part of Pacifica Group, one of the UK’s leading home services firms, which is headquartered in Houghton-Le-Spring, in North East of England.

Jason Oakes, Managing Director of Oakes Energy Services, said: “Using alternative energy sources to heat our homes can have a significant effect on the environment by lowering carbon dioxide emissions by harnessing renewable energy.

“The carbon dioxide emissions from the ground source heating systems can be around 70 per cent lower than a gas boiler heating system.

“Oakes Energy is delighted to be working with Kensa Contracting, strengthening our relationship with the team through this innovative energy approach. Together Housing is delivering environmentally friendly heating solutions to their tenants through a forward-thinking, modern approach, which we are thrilled to support.”

Dr Matthew Trewhella, Managing Director of Kensa Contracting, comments: “Together Housing’s landmark investment in ground source heat pumps via the Procure Plus framework is a pioneering step by a social housing provider to address the emissions of existing housing stock and fuel poverty levels; their commitment to innovation, community, and the environment is a benchmark for fellow housing associations and new build developers to follow.”

Patrick Berry, Managing Director of Together Housing’s Energy Services, comments: “This investment is a major commitment to ensuring our homes are affordable and energy efficient. Using renewable heat we can provide our customers with clean, comfortable, low cost energy and lower our carbon impact. It forms a part of Together Housing’s strategy to maximise the potential of renewable heat and power and we are delighted that the projects are now underway.”

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