Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be a businessman like your father? Well, when the time does come and you’re ready to take that step, few things could compare to the joy of preparing your office. The careful consideration you take into things like choosing what kind of wood you’d like the floors to be and what leather the chairs will be made of is just unparalleled. You could spend months decorating the office to create the perfect space for a business, and the one you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not easy, though. It takes time and effort to handle the necessary fine details, but there’s one that many overlook while preparing their offices: the equipment. These are some equipment that has to be around in your workspace.


Might sound a bit on the nose, but some people actually end up furnishing entire office spaces to find out they’re low on desks and chairs. The first and foremost kind of equipment you need to get your hands on is the things people will use on a daily basis. That means tables, chairs, and desks. You can’t just go and buy any items though. It’s quite a common sight to find lousy chairs in a startup where people would get cramps for sitting if even for half an hour. It’s always best if you invested in the best chairs and desks for your team and yourself, because you’re going to be using them a lot, so they all need to be top of the line.

Telephone system

Can’t very well call it a business with no telephone system, can you? Communication is key to the success of any work environment, and your telephone system is where it all starts. Now, those come with a variety of options and choices, so you need to carefully consider what you’re after. Do you just want an internal network of telephones, or will you be having agents calling outside lines? Do the telephone lines need to be able to call international numbers, or are you just local for now? These are the questions you need to answer before installing phone lines such as Threadripper 3000 boards.

Computer equipment

Now that might sound like a bit of a general term, but in this day and age we live in, computer equipment is crucial for any business out there. You can’t very well have an office without a photocopier for making copies of your important documents, nor can the place be without high-speed printers that would allow you to print documents from your PCs. Speaking of those, invest in some quality CPUs and monitors, because your team is going to be working on those all the time. And the quality of the work is usually directly proportional to the quality of the machinery they’re using. Also, don’t forget scanners and fax machines, because they do come in handy even with all the technological advancement we live in.


If you’re looking to make your office respectable and unique, invest some money in getting stationary that is customized for your brand. That means pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and calendars with your logo on them –– which also makes for a great giveaway for clients that actually do love having branded stationery. Naturally, this clause also includes paper, calculators, and pretty much anything your team might need at some point.

Coffee machine

You wouldn’t be lying if you said this one’s the holy grail of office supplies. Employees can borrow pencils, scan papers using their mobiles, and pretty much do without many of the above. But the one thing they cannot function without is coffee. So, get your people a decent coffee machine to ensure you have productive employees in the morning rather than zombies. They’ll love you for it.


While the above are all extras, there are plenty of things you can get as a bonus to sweeten the pot. A vending machine never hurt anyone and would appeal to those with a sweet tooth. Mugs, business cards, envelopes, company brochures, and so on are also quite welcomed additions to any workspace.

Shop wisely

It’s easy to get lost in the shopping madness of office supplies. There are plenty of beautiful pieces of furniture and some unique stationery and equipment you can get. This is why it’s quite important to shop wisely, looking for the best equipment out there for the best prices. Check more than one option for any item you’re getting. Compare prices and specs to ensure that you’re making the most out of the situation and getting the best value for money, which is quite important especially for up and coming businesses.