Online gambling has become more prevalent in 2020 than ever before. According to projections, the growth is set to continue. Studies have revealed that more gamblers prefer online platforms than land-based casinos. The year 2020 has been unique because of a global pandemic that has reduced cases of human interaction. As a result, there is a rise of gamblers choosing to log into their JackpotCity online casino account to access their favorite games. Industry experts project the growth will be faster than before in the coming years.

How Did Online Gambling Explode In Popularity?

Technological Innovations

Technological innovations have made life very convenient for gamblers. To access your favorite game, you don’t have to go to a land-based casino; you can do it from your house’s comfort. Initially, there were concerns by land-based casino die-hards that online casinos were taking away the thrill of casino games.

However, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality have helped online casino operators like 12joker thai to offer their clients a more immersive gaming experience. As service provision improves, more punters join the platforms making online gambling more popular.

Mobile Gaming

The availability of robust, affordable smartphones was also a game-changer. Instead of being glued on their computers to place their bets, punters can now wager on the go. Mobile betting has played a crucial role in the growing popularity of the online gambling industry. People with busy schedules get the opportunity to gamble online even as they do other things.

The online gambling operators have studied this trend and have come up with robust mobile casino apps and mobile-optimized sites. The better gambling platforms have improved the player experience hence attracting more gamblers.

Major Markets Have Also Experienced Tremendous Growth

The UK was the groundbreaker for online gambling. It has a gambling commission that regulates the industry. The regulation of gambling sites has increased user confidence making the industry to grow at a significant rate. Other big markets like the USA have also followed suit. More states are coming up with regulations for the gambling industry. More states that had initially banned online gambling are slowly embracing it, creating new markets for online casino operators. Other jurisdictions like Australia and Canada allow their citizens to wager on offshore online casinos. The Asian market is also gradually opening up to online gambling.

The African Market Has Also Grown Significantly

Many African governments have allowed the major players in the online gambling industry into their countries, mainly because of the revenue they’ll get from their operations. These emerging markets have also played a massive role in the rising popularity of online gambling in 2020. The leading countries in Africa include South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Morocco.

Better, Secure Payment Options

Online casinos have become more popular partly because of the availability of convenient and safe banking options. The availability of payment options that eliminate gamblers’ need to carry large sums of money around is also a game-changer. Once the gambler has the guarantee that their money is safe, they are free to gamble.

Furthermore, the new payment options like eWallets have also ensured that punters can get their winnings fast, and the service charge is low. These developments have played a significant role in the growth of the online gambling industry in 2020.

Bottom Line

The continual growth of the online gambling industry has been fueled mainly by technological innovations. The future remains bright for online casino operators. More jurisdictions are becoming friendly, and a new crop of gamblers like women are also joining the fold. The growth of the industry will continue the upward trend for the foreseeable future.