• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

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Organise Your Way to An Efficient and Tidy Warehouse

Take a look around your warehouse, it’s more than just a storage space, it’s the place where you keep your inventory. Stock is money and if you are storing yours in an unkempt and disorganised manner you are running the risk of being inefficient, causing health and safety concerns and losing out financially. Not the best advertisement for your company and a sure-fire sign that you do not embrace logistics management solutions.  Don’t leave yourself open to problems, give your warehouse a makeover and turn it into the useful, neat and ordered space it longs to be.

Have a Spring Clean

It doesn’t have to be spring time to commence a good clean! Any season will do. Get all employees involved in a good clean – clear and sweep floors, wipe down any machinery and racking and empty out the bins.

Introduce a Keep It Clean Regime

Now the big clean is done you need to stay on top of things. Make sure all employees understand that keeping the area clean and tidy is part of their role. If something is spilled it needs to be mopped up straight away, not after a quick tea-break (a spillage could lead to a slip, which could lead to a nasty injury and a health and safety headache). Make sure the new “keep it clean regime” is being adhered to by performing ad-hoc checks and follow up if some employees aren’t keen to pitch in. Make it known that keeping the warehouse organised and sanitary is not an optional part of the job! Incentives may be a good idea to promote employee buy-in. Another option could be to look for a commercial cleaner, especially if the warehouse/workplace is too large to manage. Ideal Cleaning, for example, specialise in commercial and industrial cleaning so will be fully equipped to handle the warehouse correctly. Hiring a professional service who have experience with warehouses is the safest option if you want the job done to the best standard.

Put Things Away

Nothing says “messy” like items left strewn across floors or on shelving. Make sure you free your warehouse from clutter such as piled up packing materials (find a better way to store it that keeps it off the floor and makes it easily accessible). Encourage employees to keep areas clean and tidy by making sure bins are available and racking etc is labelled so people know where things go. A place for everything and everything in its place, utilise valuable logistics management solutions to make sure items are returned to their rightful home in a timely manner.

Check Out Your Space

Are you using your floor-space effectively? Do you have adequate racking or storage solutions? Are areas zoned and easily identifiable? Make your warehouse space work well by assessing if it is being used correctly. If it is not employ logistics management solutions and resolve to make improvements. Don’t be afraid to move things around and try out new layouts. Encourage employees to speak up about how they feel the area could be best organised – after all they are the ones who work there every day!

Organise Your Warehouse and Improve your Efficiency

If you can organise your warehouse well you can get a handle on your inventory, getting a better picture on what’s coming in and what’s going out. Save yourself time, money and potential health and safety problems by keeping your warehouse as clean and shiny as a new pin.