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Remembering World War 2 at The Beeches Care Home


Oct 22, 2017 #care home, #Hospitality

SURVIVORS of World War 2 took part in a week of reminiscence events and activities at The Beeches Care Home, in Stockton on Tees.

The home’s residents requested the commemorative week to share their war time memories and stories.

Staff contacted Preston Park Museum, on Yarm Road, to borrow items from the 1940s and 50s to help set the scene.

Residents relished the opportunity to go through and talk about items they used during their childhoods, such as ration books, wartime outfits, helmets, newspapers and other trinkets.

They also played WW2 themed games and a held a quiz night, when the residents were entertained by singer Delray, who performed songs from the war years.

Vintage tea and sweet treats from the era were enjoyed by everyone throughout the activities.

Resident Elsie Crackett said: “I was 12 years old and living at my sister’s house with her three children.

“Suddenly, we heard the air raid sirens and had to grab the children and run to the shelter. Then we heard a whistle sound and a massive bang.

“Thankfully, we were all safe but the explosion cracked all the windows in the house.”

Amy Trattles, activities coordinator at The Beeches Care Home, on Green Lane, said: “We can only try and imagine what it was like for the residents who lived through WW2.

“Some of the memories that residents shared were astonishing but we all had lots of fun even though, at times, the memories are poignant.”

Helen Woods, home manager, added: “It was brilliant to see and hear the residents enjoying playing games from their younger days and remembering past times.”

Resident Audrey Pratt said: “it’s been a marvelous week and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute.”

By Emily