This status is given to companies recognized by the world business community as leaders in a particular market area and who have earned the unconditional trust of customers and partners. Currently, only 30 companies in Singapore have the status of XERO Gold Partner.

Long before Osome became XERO’s gold partner, the company began its journey into the cloud of small and medium-sized business management technologies. Osome uses the latest developments in the design of online services, providing customers and partners with the highest quality product.

A modern entrepreneur is interested in spending as little time as possible working with documents and communicating with state regulatory authorities. Forced visits to various government agencies inhibit business processes, adversely affect the development of innovative ideas of entrepreneurs. 

Osome has created a cloud platform where an entrepreneur may not think about routine issues of the business. The platform is designed in such a way that the entire document flow is conducted in digital format, the sorting of company documents is automatically adjusted to the principles of management, communication with authorities was carried out via the Internet. In recent years, Osome has been working on introducing artificial intelligence into its product. Every day the platform is becoming smarter. The Osome cloud service adapts to its users, helping and prompting then its necessary necessary. Osome also uses traditional, time-tested methods. Osome accounting specialist will answer any customer questions within 15 minutes 24 hours a week.

Convenient personalized forms, a system to remind you of key dates, intra-system hints and hints of artificial intelligence, help support will provide the highest quality and speed of bookkeeping. Osome designed the platform in accordance with the classical principles of accounting, known to every entrepreneur around the world, which makes acquaintance with cloud-based accounting as pleasant as possible. 

Analytical reporting combined with artificial intelligence technologies allows Osome customers to obtain the knowledge necessary for competent and efficient business management. Osome uses different methods and approaches to analyzing company data, providing customers with a wide range of opportunities and viewing angles when choosing a long-term development strategy or situational management.

Osome applies the highest safety standards. End-to-end encryption technologies, control of the application of two factor authentication guarantee the safety of customer data. The communication between the support and the client takes place in an encrypted secure chat, built on the principle of end-to-end encryption, which allows you to transfer any data without concern about their safety.

Osome offers a flexible partnership system. Personal features of a partner company or entrepreneur allow you to choose the necessary package of services. The package may depend on the business process, type of activity, financial activity and a number of other aspects related to the organization. Such a scheme allows you to pay only for truly necessary services and avoid extra charges.

The convenience and safety of customers, the use of advanced technologies have allowed to gain trust in more than 2000 entrepreneurs in 78 countries of the world. Today Osome enters the markets of UK and Hong Kong, acquiring new customers and partners and conquering new heights of quality of service. The cloud giant XERO, with millions of customers worldwide, appreciates the partnership with Osome. Granting the status of a Gold Partner confirms the correctness of the chosen Osome course and not the randomness of the success achieved.