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Our political leaders are blinkered to the bigger picture – Brexit can and will work


Sep 11, 2019 #Brexit

I have thought for a long time that Westminster made bad decisions, but I thought our politicians are similar to most western politicians so I must be wrong, surely, they are doing a reasonable job.  BREXIT has shown more than anything that I actually overrated them.   The fact that most of the western world has similar politicians explains why the world has so many fundamental problems. Problems that can be solved with vision, ambition and leadership. Millions of people live in threat of their lives. Millions live on a subsistence basis with no hope of improving their lives. It does not have to be like this, but we need change. Most of the world institutions such as the UN, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation, are run by people who are in the same club as our politicians. These people are passionate, hard working, determined and totally focused. It is these traits that have got them into places of power and influence. This total dedication and focus has a side effect. These people are totally focused, they never look at the bigger picture or question what they are doing. They are programmed to maintain the status quo. Some accuse them of only doing what is good for them. I do not believe this is the case. I believe they are unable to see anything other than their personal circumstances. If they were simply looking for the best position for them in new circumstances, they would have changed to the Leave position. They are absolutely unable to see how leaving the EU could work. Senior politicians like Philip Hammond are prepared to sacrifice a very successful career rather than leave the EU. This must be down to lack of ability to stand back and weigh up the options. What confirms this blind spot is the fact that most who are determined at all cost to Remain in the EU accept that it is not a good organisation. It must follow that they are simply blind to seeing the UK outside of the EU even though this is the position of most countries in the world. It is also true that despite it being easier to trade in the EU, 56% of our trade is already outside of the EU. Everything that we trade within the EU can be traded in the wider world and probably on better terms. Even in the three years since the referendum the EU performance has worsened with many fundamental problems that are not being sorted out. This is blatantly clear except to the dedicated political Remainers.  If it is true that our politicians are totally resistant to change it is likely that they are making bad decisions on most things. We will only get better if we change and that is the problem. Unfortunately, these highly motivated people in positions of power and influence will fight to stop change even being considered. If we do not change things will stay the same. We have an industrial strategy that has not worked and never will. Anyone who uses the NHS knows that it suffers from poor organisation. Our police force is focused on being politically correct at the expense of dealing with wrong doers. HS2 is an enormous pink elephant. We’re collectively living beyond our means because the country is borrowing enormous sums that can never be repaid. The good news is that most voters understand it does not need to be like this. The problem is the options they have to vote for. We need better people to run the country.

John Elliott


Ebac Limited