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Oxygen Regal Beasts Slot Review

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Regal Beasts is an online slot game developed by Red Tiger and released in 2020. This game has a theme of mediaeval royalty, which is expertly displayed through the developers’ imagery and brilliant graphics. The graphics are paired nicely alongside some enjoyable gameplay, creating a complete online slot game experience. In this review of Regal Beasts, we will dive into the design, background, and bonus features of this title to give you a deeper understanding of the game and whether or not you think this game could be right for you. 


Red Tiger Game Background


In the competitive online casino gaming industry, Red Tiger Gaming has emerged as a  trailblazing force, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology in the realm of slot development. Founded in 2014 by a group of industry veterans, they set out to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to players.


Early on, Red Tiger Gaming embraced the HTML5 technology, which ensured seamless cross-platform compatibility and allowed players to enjoy their titles on desktops, tablets, and smartphones without compromise. 


Furthermore, aesthetics play a pivotal role in the success of any online slot, and Red Tiger Gaming understands this. The studio boasts a team of designers who craft visually stunning settings for their games to take place. 


Regal Beasts Slot Design 


Regal Beasts is a visually very engaging online slots game that, as we mentioned previously, draws inspiration from mediaeval royalty. The background is adorned by red ribbons with golden outlines. Gold and red are the primary colours used in this slot game, as they are two colours that best represent the royal theme. The border of the playgrid is adorned with golden designs, and on top, there is a wonderful finial. There is also a blue waving banner displaying this slot game’s name. The lower-paying symbols in this slot title are all placed on the front of different coloured shields to form their crest. The higher-paying symbols are all animals and creatures commonly used by English mediaeval literature to display different cities or houses. The symbols in question include a dragon, eagle, dog and lion. 


Regal Beasts Slot Symbols


Lower Value Symbols:


Medium Value Symbols:


Higher Value Symbols:


Regal Beasts Slot Bonuses


In Regal Beasts, there are multiple bonus symbols and features that can improve players’ overall gameplay experience and make the Regal Beasts slot more interesting. First of all, there is the very unique symbol strength feature. In Regal Beasts, every symbol can come in three versions: a single, double, and triple version. A double counts as two symbols, and a triple counts as three. If you land one triple symbol, this may be enough to form a matching symbol combination. 


Then there are Regal Wilds, which can be used to substitute for other base symbols to form matching symbol combinations. There is a gold orb underneath the reels that can randomly activate and award a random number of Regal Wilds. During Regal Spins, the golden orb activates on every spin and wilds are upgraded to doubles as a minimum. During retriggered Regal Spins, they are a triple as a minimum. 


The Regal Spins feature we briefly mentioned is a bonus round activated by landing three or more Regal Spins symbols. Each Regal Spins symbol is worth 3 free spins, resulting in a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 45 free spins. During Regal Spins, all symbols are upgraded to doubles as a minimum. If you are able to land 3 or more Regal Symbols during the free spins round, you will activate the retriggered Regal Spins round. In this round, you are given more free spins, and all symbols will be a minimum of triples. 

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