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Pacifica Group enters woodland creation partnership to support its carbon offsetting targets

ByDave Stopher

Aug 25, 2021

Pacifica Group, the leading UK domestic energy and appliance services provider, has partnered with Forest Carbon to support the creation of new woodlands, as part of its commitment to becoming a carbon neutral business.

Pacifica’s support will enable Forest Carbon to plant around 4,000 trees a year in the UK, which will contribute to the future offsetting of the company’s net carbon output.

Forest Carbon supports companies like Pacifica by enabling them to fund woodland creation projects that need additional finance to go ahead, certified through the Woodland Carbon Code.

Having planted more than 12.5 million trees since 2006, in conjunction with a range of corporate partners, Forest Carbon’s projects are removing nearly 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. This has led to a range of other benefits including flood mitigation, enhanced biodiversity, and increased public access.

By partnering with Forest Carbon, Pacifica Group, which is headquartered in Houghton Le Spring, is supplementing its environmentally focused business operations.

Through its ‘Pacifica Appliance Services’ division, which includes the national 0800 Repair brand, the company repairs thousands of home appliances, such as washing machines and ovens, extending their lifespan and keeping them in operation for longer.  It also has an agreement with GAP Recycling in Gateshead to recycle old fridges to prevent them being sent to landfill.

In addition, Pacifica Home Services, which delivers specialist energy services for heating, plumbing and insulation, is also an installer of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions such as ground source and air source heating, solar power, and biomass.

Kevin Brown, Pacifica Group Chief Executive, said its collaboration with Forest Carbon will help the company make substantial inroads into its goal of becoming carbon neutral.

“We take our environmental impact seriously and invest in initiatives like this one, which are putting us on the road to achieving net zero carbon emissions.  Working with Forest Carbon is particularly important in the period while we review our vehicle fleet and make the move towards electric and hybrid cars and vans.

“Our appliance repair and renewable energy technology operations are already an important part of our contribution to creating a low carbon economy and we are very proud to support this excellent woodland creation programme.”

Stephen Prior, director of Forest Carbon Ltd, says: “Over the course of a woodland’s lifetime we expect somewhere between 300 and 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide to be captured per hectare, which is why the support provided by companies like Pacifica Group is so important.

“It enables us to increase the number of woodlands we can create, which have a significant part to play in the future of our society.”