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Pacifica Group helps local carers clean up with dishwasher donations


Nov 4, 2021

Pacifica Group, the Houghton-le-Spring based appliance repair and domestic energy services company, has donated the first batch of dishwashers to local carers and healthcare workers.

The company, through its 0800 Repair division, has 30 refurbished dishwashers available for deserving carers from across County Durham and Tyne & Wear who have been nominated to receive one by friends, family and colleagues.

Among the first recipients is Lexi Atherton from Washington, who works as a Team Leader at St George’s Residential Care Home in Harraton, Washington.

Maintaining and repairing hundreds of thousands of appliances every year across the UK, 0800 Repair engineers are trained using white goods such as the dishwashers at Pacifica Group’s facility in Washington.

The dishwashers, which are ex-display models, have been replaced with newer appliances in 0800 Repair’s training centre. Rather than disposing of them, the company’s engineers have fully refurbished the dishwashers so they can be donated to carers.

Lexi said: “I was really surprised to be nominated, but so grateful. The dishwasher will reduce our household chores and earn us a few more minutes relaxing time after work!

“The past couple of years have been very tough, particularly when our residents and staff became ill. The most upsetting thing is the lack of interaction our residents have with their families during the worst times of the pandemic. We’ve had amazing support throughout though from our local community, bringing flowers for our residents and Christmas boxes for staff and residents. It’s all been greatly appreciated.”

Scott Pallister, Chief Operating Officer at Pacifica Group, said: “We are really pleased with the response we’ve had, and we’re delighted to hand over the dishwashers to such deserving carers. There are so many deserving carers across our area, and we look forward to receiving more nominations for the remaining dishwashers.”

Healthcare workers, including those who work in the NHS and care homes, as well as those who are carers for relatives at home, can be nominated to receive one of the remaining dishwashers.

Nominations can be sent to dishwasher@0800repair.com