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Palladium: Power is here

The Italian limousine is not only unique and imposing but is manufactured with first-rate techniques and has ample horsepower availability

Aznom Palladium, the Italian hyper-limousine, is without a doubt a large vehicle (5960 mm in length, 1971 mm in height) and that is certainly the most eye-catching feature when looking at the car. But Aznom’s creation is also noteworthy from a technical stand point, particularly considering the numerous innovations and customizations designed and implemented by Monza Garage, the Group’s company that deals specifically with automotive technology.

Let’s talk about the engine. In order to guarantee the best performance for such a large vehicle, both on city streets and in off-road conditions, one needs indeed much power. The problem has been studied and solved by adding two turbochargers to the original V8 5.7 liter engine. Two BorgWarner turbines have been installed while the exhaust system has been totally redesigned in 307 steel. Furthermore the car now takes advantage of two air-to-water Intercoolers.

Aside from the turbochargers, other technical solutions are worth mentioning.

First and foremost the pistons have been modified through the installation of forged components, the steel H-beam rods are completely new while the valve springs have been reinforced (the valves are now made of nimonic).

Camshaft and driveshaft have also been accurately rebalanced. The head gasket is trimetallic, as are the high-performance slide bearings. Lastly the Italian company worked on the injection with the installation of more powerful injectors. ARP bolts have been used throughout the vehicle.

With these modifications the engine is now capable of producing 710 hp (522 kw), plenty of power that allows for great performance and pushes the Palladium form 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds to a maximum speed (autolimited) of 210 km/h.

Under certain conditions the engine can work in Fuel Saver mode with just 4 cylinders operating, allowing for considerable fuel savings.

But high performance is not just about the engine. The quality of the car can be seen in its body (at the rear a supplemental steel cage improves torsional stiffness), and in the suspensions that have seen setup modifications in order to enhance comfort on the road.

Furthermore the car has been lowered by 30 mm from the original chassis’ setup.

Last but not least, the new shock absorbers have been manufactured exclusively for the Palladium and work in 30 different configurations.

Even the braking system is completely new with forward ventilated discs measuring 408 x 34 mm coupled with Brembo six piston calipers, while at the back the four piston calipers work with 380 x 28 mm discs.

Monza, December 14, 2020

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– Aznom is an Italian company based in Monza, known for its special packages and customization of high-end vehicles, as well as for the successful design and manufacturing of selected “one off” cars

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