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Parimatch Cash Out: what is a bet buyout?

ByDave Stopher

Nov 9, 2021

Parimatch Cash Out is a popular feature among bettors. How does this function work and is it beneficial to the bettor? Let us answer these questions.

The concept of Cash Out

Cash Out is an option in bookmaker sites, like Parimatch Canada, which allows the player to calculate the bet ahead of time before the outcome. In other words, a cash out is a situation where the bookmaker is ready to buy out a bet from the bettor before the end of a particular event. In this case, it is the bookmaker who determines the amount of the buyout.

This function is relevant in two cases of situations:

  • The event on which the player has made a bet develops according to a favourable scenario. In this case, the bettor can settle the bet early and take the profit, but the winnings will be less than the full winnings;
  • The event on which the player has made a bet develops under an unfavourable scenario.

The bettor can settle the bet ahead of time and take the money back, but the amount of return will be lower than the amount of the deal made.

Parimatch betting site Cash Out feature: main pros and cons

There are pros and cons to everything. Let’s look at both sides of the Parimatch betting site in terms of usefulness to the player.


  • Convenience: all you need to do to activate the offer is press just one button with the redemption amount already calculated;
  • Profit taking: A player can bet on underdogs and take profits long before the end of the game if the outcome of the match is favourable;
  • Saving a part of the bet: in case of a negative scenario, the bettor gets the opportunity to return a part of the money by accepting the offer of the betting company;
  • Increased excitement: the possibility of a cashout adds extra excitement and excitement to watching a sporting event because in this case, the player has to keep track of all the twists and turns of the game and the amount of the redemption.


  • Lack of benefit: sometimes at bookmakers, the Cash Out feature serves only an advertising function to attract customers. It is often more profitable for the player to ensure his own bet on the opposite outcome;
  • Margin: early redemption involves a double margin, so there is little benefit to the bettor. Remember: the margin on redeeming an express bet is always higher than an order;
  • Doubts: often the user loses a substantial profit by resorting to a buyout in a favourable scenario. This has to do with human psychology: many people, afraid of losing all their money, accept only a small portion of the payout, even though they could have really hit the jackpot if they place sports bets and stick to them.

An early Parimatch betting buyout guarantees the bettor additional flexibility in making a decision, but only in the case of playing for excitement and a big pot.


If the bettor plans to cash out his Parimatch bets on sport over a long distance, this strategy is unlikely to have a positive effect due to the margin.

Experienced Parimatch Canada betting enthusiasts recommend that beginners should only accept Cash Out in exceptional cases and not succumb to the pressure of gambling. Remember: bookmakers don’t like to work at a loss, and since this feature is available, analysts have calculated that it will be profitable for the house, not the player, over the distance.