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Path of Exile – Best Ascendancies

ByDave Stopher

Jul 11, 2021 #Business

Which Ascendancies stand out in the popular ARPG title?

If you are looking to take a break from earning as much PoE currency as possible, and want to learn about what ascendancies could work best for you, then read on. In this article, we will be taking a look in no particular order what the best ascendancies are in Path of Exile.

The Trickster

If versatility is what you are looking for, then you’re in the right place. You will find that this is a beneficial ascendancy for pretty much every build that’s available. If you have a build that inflicts damage over time, then you will be able to make special use of nodes such as Patient Reaper and the Void. That isn’t just limited to those kinds of builds however, as any can use these to their advantage in certain situations.

The Trickster doesn’t really have much in terms of weaknesses. Each and every node it has is capable of contributing to both your defensive and offensive traits. It has such a range that you can make the most of it whether you are starting out in leagues, or you are at the endgame.


Speaking of damage over time builds, this is another important ascendancy to consider if you are that way inclined. The Occultist offers Void Beacon, combined with Frigid Wake or Withering Presence that offers you a massive amount of cold and chaos damage. The use of Malediction also makes this build very effective for curse support players too. Perhaps most importantly, you are able to use Chaos Inoculation which will protect you from chaos completely. So if like the Trickster you are in need of a good balance between offense and defence, then this is a great choice of ascendancy for you.


Slightly shifting gears, we are going to look at the Slayer ascendancy. This is a great choice for a melee build, who can make use of the bonuses that are available here. If you have chosen Berserker and want to have a high defence as well, then be sure to opt for this particular choice. Being able to leech whilst at full life is very effective for your defences, as well as getting buffed by max Endurance Charges used as Frenzy Charges.


This is understandably a very popular ascendancy amongst players. It receives buffs from the majority of nodes for its minions, and can garner support from Commander of Darkness. What’s more, its offerings make it a useful melee ascendancy as well, plus playing as a support build can only benefit you and your allies. In a nutshell, the Necromancer has a fantastic amount to offer no matter what build you decide to go with.


The Assassin has come through nerfing after nerf and still remains worthy of a place on this list. This is especially the case if you have a softcore build for leagues. You can protect yourself with Mistwalker, and you can also gain plenty of critical bonuses with non-minion builds too.


This is another ascendancy that has had a number of changes made to it. That said, this is very much for its benefit, as you are getting a more balanced version of attacking and casting spells. This means that if you manage to control it properly, then you could be looking at one of the very best ascendancies in the entire game.

If you choose the Pious and Sanctuary path, then you can increase your survivability, which is a trait that you want to focus on. Survivability plays a huge part in the game, after all. You can also obtain a healthy amount of damage with Instruments of Zeal, which will allow you to add to your cast speed multiplier if you have managed to attack four times. It does need to be reiterated that if this is used correctly, then you are looking at the best ascendancy that you can use.

You might be struggling to find the ascendancies that are right for you. But there is something out there to cater to every kind of build. You can use the likes of PoE Trade to find the items that you need, or spending your Exalted Orb stash on gear that can get you to the endgame. But ascendancies are also a fantastic way to set yourself apart and carry your build as much as possible. Try out the best combinations for you and see what works for you to make you into a formidable force.

What is your favourite Path of Exile ascendancy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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