These days permanent makeup is in vogue. And you will come across many people that have opted for this kind of cosmetic treatment. In this article, let us focus on a few essential aspects of the same under the following sub-topics, namely,

  1. Safety of permanent makeup
  2. Benefits of permanent eyebrows

Let us take one topic at a time: –

  1. Safety of permanent makeup

If you are visiting a cosmetic clinic that is licensed, have certified professionals on board, the chances of getting adverse side effects are minimum. However, what you have to be alert about is when budding beauticians claiming to be experienced and skilled in permanent makeup use the needle on you.

However, as long as you visit a clinic that is reputed and the team of professionals has been handling clients opting for permanent makeup, you are in safe hands. Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation is the process in which pigmented granules are placed beneath the skin, mostly the upper layers with the help of a needle. This process is also made use of for treating vitiligo and rectifying imperfections in the skin.

  1. Benefits of permanent eyebrows

The benefits of getting permanent eyebrows are many. You can visit a reliable permanent eyebrow clinic to get the eyebrows done. Few of the benefits of permanent eyebrows include the following-

  • Time-saving

If you have permanent makeup or eyebrow done, the time you take for your makeup daily is less. Other times you have to draw the contour of your eyebrows and then fill it up with correcting shade and pencil. But permanent eyebrows will help you to do away with this process daily.

  • Well-defined face

By opting for this cosmetic treatment, your face becomes defined. You not only get a beautiful eyebrow but an always maintained one would make your face look cleaner and in shape. You will also come across many women that prefer to get their original brows removed and replace them with artificial ones through permanent makeup.

  • Remedy for hair-loss

Many people suffer from alopecia or a condition in which they lose their hair. Permanent eyebrows or makeup can do away with the problem and camouflage the existing problem.

As far as few drawbacks are concerned, the benefits far outnumber the drawbacks. And if you can get the treatment done by skilled, certified, licensed, and experienced professionals, you can keep at bay some of the problems that might crop up. However, note that not everyone that undergoes the treatment goes through these side effects. Some of them include – irritation and pain. It is one of the commonest of all cons but does not occur when you have experienced professionals working on you.

Secondly, if you get permanent makeup done, it is quite likely that the fashion trend might change down the years. To keep pace with the changing trends and fashion statement, you might have to go under the knife again to get a new design.