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Philip Rodrigs Comments on the Ongoing Success of Raynar Portfolio Management

ByDave Stopher

Jul 29, 2020 #Business

It’s been one month since Raynar Portfolio Management launched its Flagship Strategy, which is already proving a popular addition to the range.

Since Raynar Portfolio Management (RPM) launched its second investment strategy on 1st June, Philip Rodrigs and his specialist team are delighted with the interest that clients have already shown in this innovative development. The launch marked a proud moment for the boutique investment firm, which not only has had to defy the typical challenges of being a start-up but having to do so amid the COVID-19 crisis. Despite suggestions that lifting the firm off the ground would be nigh on impossible in the current climate, the Flagship Strategy proves that Raynar Portfolio Management is flourishing.

The launch of the Flagship Strategy comes hot on the heels of RPM’s multi-asset Enhanced strategy, which was launched in February. As RPM’s Founder and Portfolio Manager, Philip carefully designed Flagship to have the best chances of accommodating challenging market conditions and to strive to identify the best investment opportunities in the UK equity market. The strategy focuses on investment opportunities in small firms that often fly under investors’ radars. As a boutique firm, RPM firmly believes that investments in small companies can lead to attractive outcomes for clients.

The Raynar Flagship Strategy

As part of RPM’s range, available exclusively to professional investors, Philip designed the Flagship Strategy based on the success of the UK Micro Cap Investment Company that he conceived whilst at River and Mercantile in 2014. This award-winning investment trust produced very strong performance for investors who were rewarded with the return of approximately 30% of the capital within three years, a huge success for River and Mercantile that many investment firms have since attempted to emulate.

Informed by Philip’s specialism in small market cap segments, the Flagship Strategy is likely to be predominantly focused on the smallest sized UK listed equities for a substantial majority of stock market lifecycles. When investing in smaller companies RPM is mindful of appropriately managing liquidity. One of the several measures which help with this is the ability to prioritise the preservation of capital allowing the reduction of exposure to equities in favour of other assets. This flexibility allows the strategy to retain ‘dry powder’ until more favourable investment conditions arise.

‘Small sized firms listed in the UK have produced demonstrable long-term outperformance of large sized firms,’ Philip Rodrigs says. ‘As a small Investment Boutique ourselves, RPM is excited to search high and low for great investments with a particular focus on small sized UK companies.’

About Raynar Portfolio Management

Based in Victoria, London, RPM specialises in alternative investment funds which have the flexibility to invest in many asset classes including bonds, cash, and stocks. The focus on small-firm investments aims to target attractive market areas that many investors overlook. By searching through even the smallest companies, RPM aims to unearth hidden gems.

RPM doesn’t adopt traditional, inflexible investment strategies and avoids prioritising the gathering of ever larger assets under management. Philip takes the view that this approach has the potential to produce sub-optimal results for investors. Instead, RPM addresses evolving markets by integrating differentiated approaches in an effort to optimise client outcomes.

RPM highlights that companies starting from smaller bases have the most potential to grow rapidly and are most likely to benefit from economies of scale. Small businesses are also often in better positions to secure value-enhancing investments. RPM seeks to invest in these companies before they grow and before investors focusing on larger sized companies are  able to consider investing. As a small boutique itself, RPM passionately believes that seeking promising investment opportunities amongst small firms is an attractive proposition.

Since its launch in January, RPM has already tripled assets under management and grown exponentially. Recruits include Portfolio Manager, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Accountant Matthew Taylor, formerly of Julius Baer, who manages RPM’s multi-asset Enhanced strategy. Matthew has specialised in asset allocation for 15 years. Jon Garland, RPM’s Head of Client Relations joined in May. Jon has been pivotal in the growth of four boutique asset management firms. He was formerly a partner of one of these start-ups, which he helped to expand from inception to £5 billion during his tenure.

To learn more about RPM’s investment strategies, visit www.raynarpm.com.

About Philip Rodrigs

Philip Rodrigs is a Chartered Financial Analyst who is recognised for his leading investment strategies. In particular, he conceived and coordinated River and Mercantile’s award-winning investment trust that many firms have tried to match in order to achieve comparable success. He has also grown and soft-closed small cap funds from £90 million to £650 million within eight years and £150 million to over £1 billion within four years.

As a specialist in small-cap stocks, Philip has spent over 15 years contributing to the management of funds with companies such as Invesco Perpetual, T Rowe Price International, and Investec Asset Management. In 2020, he launched the boutique investment firm, Raynar Portfolio Management. As the CEO and a Portfolio Manager of RPM, Philip consistently examines what makes a successful business.

Philip is the recipient of a host of awards that recognise his proficiency in investing in UK markets. He has been named the Financial Express UK Smaller Companies Alpha Fund Manager of the Year (2016), Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent (2012), and Investment Week UK Smaller Companies Manager of the Year (both 2010 and 2011).

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