It’s your dad’s birthday, and he truly deserves to feel like the king he is!

If you are wondering how to make his special day even more exciting and memorable, we have a few ideas up our sleeves that are quirky and fun. 

Follow the post below and see your father rejoice with happiness. Read on.


  • Take a trip to the woods


For how long has your father been craving a trip to the woods? Well, you can judge it by the number of times he has reminisced about his previous adventures. 

Well, if your daddy dearest enjoys his hunt and would love nothing more than a stay in the woods, then be a good kid and arrange one for him. Include his closest friends as an added surprise and see his face glow.

Since it’s the wilderness we are talking about, make sure you equip him with a reliable knife from the Perkin Knives collection. After all, safety comes first.


  • Throw a theme party


Throw your father a themed surprise party that he will never forget. 

Every year he probably has a new obsession, so bear that in mind to decide on an incredible theme. You can also use his age to the advantage. For instance, if he is turning 50, then customise the decor inspired by the 1950s. Invite all his closest friends to make the event even more joyful for him.


  • Fulfil his biggest wish


Has your father always talked about visiting the London Eye? Or has he been fixating lately on purchasing a new big screen so he can enjoy his games? If yes, then fulfil his desire. 

This kind of gift requires observance and planning, so keep your eyes and ears open for what your father talks about the most these days. Be his genie for a day!


  • A gift to remember


Fathers don’t enjoy much when their kids spend plenty of money on them. However, if the gift is thoughtful, they might let the monetary aspect slip. 

Why not make a life story album for him? From his birth till date include all the major events of his life in this album. You might also add special notes for him with every picture, and for this part, you must consult other people who lived the moment with him. Undoubtedly, your father will highly appreciate this gift and keep it close to his heart. 

If you have special news to give him, such as you are about to be a parent yourself, then hold it off till his birthday and add it in the album. He’ll remember and cherish this moment forever!


  • Upgrade his knife collection


Is your father a knife enthusiast? If yes, then there is nothing better to gift him than an incredible knife. 

Knife collectors are highly particular of the built, material and quality of the knife. That said, make sure you get the knife from a trusted store like Perkin Knives where you’ll have a whole range of options to choose from for your daddy.


  • Give him a day full of rest


The best gift of all that you can give your father on his birthday is a day full of rest.

Resting and doing nothing is rare for him. Make sure that on his birthday, he stays in his bed all day, watching his favourite shows, enjoying his favourite meals and living his best life. You can also arrange for spa sessions to pamper him to the fullest. 

Bookmark this article to keep these ideas within your reach when you start with the birthday planning. We wish your father a happy and healthy life!