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Pleasing the Ancient Gods Amidst Extreme Weather with Mobile Games

Summer has shown its real power this year right from the start – the temperatures have reached record levels in many areas of the United Kingdom. The extreme weather of early June might not have convinced global warming deniers that something is indeed off but has probably prompted them to procure some sunscreen and a parasol for the rest of the season. While there’s no way to precisely predict what the rest of the summer has in store for us, it’s never a bad idea to prepare for the extremes. Aside from a bottle of sun block and a new, stronger umbrella, make sure to lay your hands on these Euro Palace games – who knows, they might favor us with fair weather this summer.

Thunderstruck & Thunderstruck II

The Norse pantheon has many gods but Thor, the god of thunder and lightning is perhaps the most popular of them. His name has survived the millennia in Europe, and he found new life on the pages of comic books in America. As a pop culture icon, Thor has inspired many works of art, and not only that – his influence has been felt in the world of video games as well.

Two of the simplest and most entertaining games inspired by Thor and his fellow Asgardians are two slot machines you can try at the Euro Palace Casino, called Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II. These two pay homage to the ancient thunder god in their unique way, reviving the image of the god as described by the legends of the Norse – a ginger giant with a beard, a winged helmet, and his massive thunder-spreading hammer, Mjölnir.

Titans of the Sun

Titans of the Sun is another pair of Euro Palace slot machines worthy of attention this summer – especially since they pay homage to the ancient Greek Sun Titans, Hyperion, and Theia. These two are known in the Greek mythology as the siblings of Chronos, parents of the Olympian sun god Helios. The Euro Palace has released the Titans of the Sun slot machines in pairs, one for each of the two Sun Titans – and the two reunite during the special feature of the game.

Jurassic World

The previous two examples of Euro Palace games were to please the gods of thunder, lightning, and sunshine. The one below is, in turn, for pure fun. Inspired by one of the most successful movies of 2015, the Jurassic World slot machine brings dinosaurs – the coolest beings the Earth has ever borne – back into the spotlight. To stay faithful to the movie, the game features the Indominus Rex as the ultimate special feature of the game and further side games and features to make it more interesting.

No matter if thunders roll or the sun scorches the land, the Jurassic World slot machine will be a good companion.

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