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Pros and cons of using an invoicing app

If you’re confused about whether or not you should implement mobile invoicing for your business, this article should clear your confusion. Whether your business is small or big, mobile invoicing is something that can help your business a ton. But with its pros, it does have some drawbacks as well.

Almost every business nowadays uses this method of invoicing because the convenience factor is what attracts people to use it. You also save a lot of other costs used to make invoices manually.

It’s a process in which you send and get invoices online without having to print them or anything. It can also help you create estimates. You can try the free Billdu estimate generator to get a sense of how such an app works.

Here the pros and cons of using an invoicing app;


Mobile invoicing apps are something very easy to use. The convenience factor is something that attracts most people as you don’t have to sit all night and make hard copies of the invoices you have to send to your customers.

It saves a lot of time because you can make an invoice in about 2minutes, that’s how easy it is. You don’t have to spend all day trying to look for the invoices you saved. You can search them in the search bar given in the app. It has sped up things.

The mobile invoicing app also has an inbuilt tracking system that allows you to stay notified whenever your client pays you. Thus, your clients will have to excuse to delay the payment when the time comes.

A mobile invoicing app will also help you in saving money. You won’t have to buy papers and ink in bulk due to everything being done online. Print and postage won’t be necessary because the invoices will be sent via Email, WhatsApp, or app to app. You can easily save around 10-15k dollars if you use this method of invoicing in your business. Don’t miss out on it as it provides your business with a lot of good things.


Mobile invoicing apps can sometimes spam filters because of which it gets hard to receive the invoice that your client has sent. And because of that, the email services givers happen to mark those specific invoices as spam. This puts you in a very difficult situation because you might miss your client’s invoice. After all, you won’t know that the invoice is in the spam folder. However, there is a solution to this. You can either start using WhatsApp to send and get invoices or just switch to making invoices manually.

Another con about online invoicing is that, if the customer is offline, they won’t receive the invoice causing the payment to get delayed. Sometimes, people don’t have internet for days due to some technical difficulties.

Some people don’t even have email accounts because of which you will have to make invoices manually which can take a lot of time.

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