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Apr 16, 2019 #Super Dad
  1. The Half Pint Glass, £9.99 fromThumbs Up.

Keep your dignity and your wits about you with this fantastic Half Pint Glass from Thumbs Up. No longer will you be the odd one out when you order a half, as the front looks just like a standard full pint, it’s only from the side that the visual deception reveals itself. Perfect for those who aren’t big drinkers or want make that subtle hint to the beer lover in your life this Father’s Day. Made of high quality glass, enjoy up to 350ml of your favourite tipple.

  1. The Knob Mug, £9.99 fromThumbs Up.

Perfectly passive aggressive and hilarious, say it without saying it – the ultimate gift for dad’s who love a good joke and have a keen eye for detail. The Knob Mug from Thumbs Up is crafted from high quality ceramic. This classy yet tongue-in-cheek mug allows you to express your true feelings, the perfect addition to any kitchen. Offering up to 375ml of your morning brew, the nifty gold handle will allow you to still look fancy without lifting your pinky.

  1. The DJ Mini Mixer, £19.99 fromThumbs Up.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ or know a dad that does? For beginners and pros alike, it’s the DJ Mini Mix from ThumbsUp! A truly nifty little music maker weighing just 120 grams, cross fade tracks without the use of a PC or laptop. Simply plug two MP3 devices into the mini mixer and let your inner DJ shine.Offering great compatibility with most smartphone and audio devices, powered by 4 AAA batteries it’s just good old fashioned fun.


  1. The Super Dad Mug, £9.99 fromThumbs Up.

When your dad simply couldn’t be more anymore super, give him this super-duper Super Dad Mug from Thumbs Up which says just that. A mug that says a 1000 words, complete with all accessories any budding super hero needs, the glorious cape reminds him just how super he is with every sip. Offering space for 350ml of your favourite brew, it’s up, up and away, just remember to make him one every now and again to keep up the good work.

  1. The Pint-O-Wine Glass, £9.99 fromThumbs Up.

Bring a little more class to the establishment with this awesome Pint-O-Glass from Thumbs Up. Downing a pint has never looked so classy. In need of a galloon of something a little stronger than a cup of tea we have the answer, there is no need to keep up the pretence with polite alcohol measures, whether you fancy a pint of beer, wine or gin it is now possible with an added touch of elegance, all contained in this rather stylish stemmed pint glass, a definite upgrade on the humble pint glass.

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