• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

ONE of the North East’s largest venues is offering its space to the region’s NHS to help it with the current battle against coronavirus.

Rainton Arena, at Houghton-le-Spring, has cancelled all of its event for the foreseeable future – but still believes the giant venue could be of some use.

Owner Jay Johal has already offered the arena to NHS bosses, either as a space where the can store equipment or beds they don’t currently need or even to hold special clinics if hospitals and doctors’ surgeries are struggling.

“We have one of the largest venues in the whole region and like everywhere else, our programme of events is currently on hold,” said Jay.

“But the space is still here and if there is any way at all it can be used, then we are more than happy to offer it for free.”

The arena also has extensive car parking space and again, he has offered it to the NHS for a park and ride system to help with parking at hospitals – volunteering to try and negotiate with a coach or bus company to ferry NHS frontline workers to their destination.

“We all have to do whatever we can to help and if there anyone does think this can benefit, then I hope they’ll get in touch,” he said.

“I have already been talking to some NHS directors but I would like to spread this message wider and see if we can support their vital work in some way.”

Mr Johal has also made a pledge to the NHS staff for when life returns to normal.

“We know how vital everyone is who works in the NHS to seeing us through this terrible time,” he said.

“So I am promising that when it is over, we will give an allocation of free tickets to NHS workers for every event we have going forward.”

Anyone who would like to talk to Mr Johal should ring Rainton Arena on 0191 584 8630 or email info@raintonarena.co.uk

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