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Reasons Why You Should Try Out Adjustable Pillow


Nov 11, 2020

An adjustable pillow is probably the best complement to your bed frame and mattress as it helps induce sleep and is known for promoting great health. The advanced adjustable pillows are no longer for healthcare facilities. Having one in your bedroom has been recommended to help you enrich your sleep experience, promote a healthier sleep, and enhance your lifestyle. 

We’ve prepared 9 of the most popular reasons why you should get an adjustable pillow. Keep reading. 

It Lightens Back Pains

Having an adjusted pillow coupled with a firm mattress helps give the spine the support it needs by reducing the pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve. This pillow allows you to have a comfortable sleeping position, especially on the back as the body contouring matches the surface of your bedding. 

Pains that result from pressure on the spinal nerves are immensely improved by this pillow. Slanting your head at a 45-degree angle reduces the lower back compression, and alleviates pain. Also, an angled head is known to prevent any aches in the neck by providing a firm and comfortable platform. Adjustable pillows will eliminate the need for many pillows. 

Reduce Snoring and Sleep Apnea

When too much pressure is exerted by the neck on the windpipe, snoring occurs. This is mainly when you sleep lying flat. But with adjustable pillows, it lifts the head reducing the weight exerted on the windpipe. Snoring becomes a thing of the past. 

Also, the breathing problem of asthma or sleep apnea is decreased by adjustable pillows. The angled position enhances the airflow through the nasal passages allowing you to have healthier and sounder sleep. When lying flat, oxygen flow is restricted but a raised and angled sleeping position will allow free flow and significantly reduce the chances of an asthma attack in your sleep. Additionally, a lifted head naturally relieves sinus pressure. 

Alleviates Heartburns

We’ve all gone to sleep on a full stomach and had a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. Lying flat allows stomach acids to move up the esophagus causing heartburns.  Therefore, it is recommended to sleep in an angled head position to reduce the probability of acid refluxes up the throat. An adjustable pillow will allow for better digestion and sounder sleep. As a result, the chances of suffering from heartburn is reduced.

Reduces Insomnia

If you’ve ever experienced insomnia over extended periods, you’ve probably tried every trick in the book. But, whether it is an anxious mind or any form of pain that brings insomnia, an adjustable pillow will enhance your sleep experience. Get a pillow that fit your specific needs to improve your oxygen and blood flow and help you sleep faster and better. The long nights of running thoughts, tossing and turning will soon be forgotten. 

Improves your Digestion

You may be asleep but your body isn’t. It is still working and digesting. The digestion process is significantly hindered by lying flat. An adjustable pillow will lift the head to an angle that allows for a healthier digestion process and better sleep. 

Improves Blood Circulation

We sleep better when our circulatory system is functioning at its finest. An adjustable pillow will fine-tune your sleeping positions to enhance the blood flow by reducing its pressure. 

If you have any circulation problems, this is especially recommended to improve your oxygen flow. 

Alleviate Arthritis Pain

Adjustable pillows allow you to position yourself in a way that takes the weight off the aching and stiff joints allowing you to have a comfortable sleep. Also, it helps reduce the causes of morning stiffness and related pains. A raised head and lowered feet make rising from the bed easier. 

Reduce Leg Swelling

Swollen legs can be distressing. This is especially observed in pregnant women and people with a hurt limb. Sleeping while lying flat causes the fluids to pool and make the inflammation worse- and lead to sleepless nights. Experts advise that an adjustable pillow will allow for better circulation of the fluids and reduce the swelling and its effects. If your daily routine involves constant and sudden impacts on your limbs, this pillow is advisable to help fight swellings and keep varicose veins at bay. 

Enhanced Lifestyle

We’ve all loved to read a novel or watch our favorite show from the bed. Arranging the pillows to get a comfortable position can be frustrating. But with adjustable pillows, this is made easier. And, the shoulder or backaches will not be a problem. Adjustable pillows act as a recliner chair allowing you to slide into a comfy and healthier position.

Adjustable pillows are known to improve the quality of sleep and enhance one’s health. They also enrich your lifestyle by adding a sense of comfort to your everyday routine. Get one today and revolutionize your sleep experience. In doing so, you’ll be snoozing off in no time at all.

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