Savvy mum creates a first of a kind product after her own struggles to bathe her twin babies. 

Laura (left), with twins Matilda and Willow and son, Lucius. 

Despite 1.6 million sets of twins being born each year, there were no bathing products on the market to make the task easier. That was until mum of 3, Laura McGlade, created the first-ever twin bath. 

The mum from Redcar says she found herself in a dangerous situation when attempting to bathe the newborn twins, as well as looking after an 18-month-old. 

Laura, CEO and founder of Bumblebeez told us, “The first problem arose when figuring out how to get them both in the bath safely. One would be in the bath whilst the other was on the changing mat.”

“To get the second baby in the bath I would have to let go of the first baby and quickly put the second baby in the bath, bracing both their heads together to prevent them from going under the water.” 

Unfortunately once the babies were in the bath, this wasn’t the end of the mum’s struggles. Laura was then unable to pick up a sponge, apply the baby wash and wash the babies, without having to take her attention away from one of the babies. 

The twin bath in use 

The desperate mum searched the internet for anything that may resemble a twin bath but was unsuccessful in her search. She even purchased two single baby baths but to her dismay wouldn’t fit in the bath. 

She quickly realised what she needed wasn’t on the market and needed something to accommodate newborn twins to keep them in a safe position and allow her to wash each baby safely. 

After 4 years of development, The Twin Bath is now available for retail. The Twin Bath allows the babies to be seated securely, side by side and enables the mum to remain hands-free. 

The twin bath in use 

Laura aims to help millions of twin parents manage one of the crucial factors in an easier, safer and stress-free way. The bath is designed to fit into any tub and support two infants up to 6 months old, where they can sit side by side in the water unaided but still enabling the twins to touch – which is vital to avoid separation anxiety. 

The Twin Bath aims for a hands-free, safe, stress-free, time-saving, independent, co-bathing session. As well as being a slim, lightweight and compact unit with a handle for easy storage and travel purposes.  

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