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Relax and De- stress: Six Popular Spotify Playlists to Enhance Your Meditation and Yoga Sessions

If you ask us, there’s a very solid reason why yoga and meditation has stormed both the fitness and self-care industries. Not only is it a great form of exercise with the power to burn anywhere between 100 and 600 calories per hour, but it also carries strong healing benefits for both the mind and body.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a complete novice, you might be wondering how you can make the very most of your sessions. For us, nothing beats stretching, flexing, and aligning those chakras against a beautiful backdrop of relaxing music.

Here are some popular Spotify playlists created with yoga and meditation in mind.

Yoga & Meditation | Spotify | 1,752,266 likes

Aptly named ‘Yoga & Meditation’, this playlist has been created by the music pioneers themselves, Spotify. The line-up includes soft, relaxing music from artists such as Mila Harper, Aidin, and Von Goo. This playlist has accumulated nearly two million likes at the time of writing, which is a very good sign indeed!

Block out some well-needed ‘me’ time, lay your yoga mat down on the floor, and then put this playlist on in the background to see how it makes you feel during your session. We’ve listened to this selection ourselves and can confirm the playlist is ommmm-mazing.

Calming Music + Nature Sounds | Signal Alchemy | 49,850 likes

Take #SelfCareSundays to a whole new level with this calming playlist from Signal Alchemy. Nine hours and 36 minutes long, there are enough sounds to take you from the initial pamper session – hot bubble bath, self-tan water application, and at-home manicure – right through to the actual yoga or meditation session.

Perfect your Downward Dog and practice your Vinyasa Yoga to soothing sounds of oceans, rain drops, and waterfalls. By the end of your session, we’re sure you’ll feel a boost in both your mental and physical energy as well as fewer negative feelings. With Monday morning right around the corner, this can only be a good thing!

Spa Music 2022 | Heiwa Records | 191,731 likes

Yoga and meditation are all about helping you achieve feelings of peacefulness and pleasure, much like a trip to the spa. To help you set this scene, try Heiwa Records’ playlist titled Spa Music 2022 and join the thousands of people who have given this the thumbs up.

By indulging in this line-up, you can enjoy songs appropriately named ‘Path of Infinity’, ‘Coasts of Dreams’, and ‘New Beginnings’; the perfect playlist to assist you in managing stress and practicing mindfulness.

Rain Sounds and Relaxing Music | Dream Sounds | 7,006 likes

Have you ever wondered why falling asleep to the sound of rain is so pleasurable? Our brain processes it as a calming noise because of its predictable and regular pattern. With that in mind, it makes sense why a playlist featuring rain sounds and other relaxing music has been liked by over 7,000 people.

Many people practice yoga and meditation because they’re chasing that feeling of serenity that often comes alongside these spiritual exercises. Double up on that by having this playlist on in the background as you move and breathe, and see if you feel even more at peace by the time you move into Savasana.

Meditation Music to Calm Your Anxiety | 11:11 Music Group | 37,359 likes

Multiple studies in recent years have shown that yoga may help to reduce stress and anxiety, as the visualization, meditation, and focused breaths can assist you in releasing any worry and fears you may have. If you live with anxiety and often find solace in your yoga and meditation activities, try this playlist.

With 39 hours and 28 minutes’ worth of sounds, you can feel assured in the knowledge that you are covered for a long, long time! This playlist from 11:11 Music Group includes general meditation music and sounds as well as tailored options for those who want to listen while they fall asleep.

Modern Yoga Music | Songs of Eden | 1,454 likes

If you prefer something a little more upbeat as you make your way through the various poses, we recommend this playlist from Songs of Eden. While the tunes still contain soothing, calming elements, some are much more widely known and are closer to pop hits than classical bits.

Songs by Ed Sheeran, Madonna, and The Weeknd are all featured on this playlist, offering what could be a slice of familiarity during tree pose and the Seated Forward Fold. Music has always been a crucial part of yoga sessions, and while modern music might not yet be as widely accepted among all yogis, it’s all about doing what works for you and your interests.

Inhale the future, exhale the past

Yoga and meditation are powerful remedies for some of our biggest physical, emotional, and psychological problems. The use of appropriate music during your sessions should heighten the feelings of peace and positivity. Try the above playlists and see if your mind and body responds well, or why not create your own and share with the rest of the yoga community? Namaste, yogis.


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