A local referendum is set to be held on the Stannington Neighbourhood Plan.

The vote will take place on Thursday 19 July and all residents in the parish of Stannington who are registered to vote will be able to have a say on the plan.

The Stannington Neighbourhood Plan is the seventh neighbourhood plan in Northumberland to successfully pass the ‘independent examination’ stage.

If a majority of residents who vote in the referendum are in favour of the plan it will be used to make decisions on planning applications in the parishes.

Stannington Parish Council has engaged with the community to produce the plan which addresses issues local people have identified as important in their local area.  The parish council established a steering group to lead on the plan making process.

The referendum will be run in the same way as a local election, with all those registered to vote receiving a polling card, and the options of postal and proxy voting available to those who are registered for them.

Polling cards have been sent to all registered electors in the parish of Stannington.  If residents have any queries about the referendum or their vote they should contact the council’s elections team on 01670 624811.

The Stannington Neighbourhood Plan and accompanying documents, including information for voters, can be viewed on the County Council’s website at: http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/ourplan