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Rimbin – An Indoor Playground Design That Prevents Coronavirus Transmission


May 30, 2023

In this age of concern about coronavirus transmission, many people are wary of visiting playgrounds. That hasn’t stopped two German designers from coming up with a design that preserves children’s ability to play together. It’s called Rimbin, and it’s divided into areas that keep kids from being too close to each other. In this article you will know about Play In Business.

Indoor Play Areas

In areas where weather is a major consideration, indoor playgrounds can be a great option. They can be located in places that would otherwise not be suitable for a playground, such as shopping centers and can be custom-designed to meet specific needs.

Including elements that promote multigenerational play is an important aspect of designing a good play space. Theme areas that stimulate imagination can encourage cognitive development and make play more fun for children of all ages.

The use of different shades of green and brown on the equipment at this park helps to create a natural design and complements the surrounding landscape. Adding shade structures by USA Shade provides additional value and visual distinction to the site. These structures are also easy to sanitize when needed.

Leisure Complexes

During the hot summer days in North Carolina, indoor playgrounds and parks offer a much more inviting alternative to outdoor parks. They can be cool and air-conditioned, making it easy for kids to play without getting too sweaty.

Playground design has evolved to be more complex. This is the result of extensive research from universities, nonprofits and government agencies. The nine key criteria have been developed to help designers create play environments that foster children’s physical, cognitive and social development.

As playgrounds become more inclusive, it’s important to understand how they can impact people with varying abilities. This Continuing Education session will cover the basics of playground accessibility, including design considerations, equipment and best practices for maintaining an accessible environment.

Professional Retraining

The Big Backyard’s co-owners, Cindy Lofty and Christine Jahn, are stay-at-home mothers with two young children. They say they realized how much demand there was for climate-controlled indoor play areas during the coronavirus scare.

Lofty and Jahn were also drawn to the concept because they want their playgrounds to encourage multigenerational play, which is shown to improve language skills, cognitive development and social connections. In fact, studies show that 2- to 5-year-olds engage in symbolic and dramatic play more than any other age group.

To further emphasize the natural theme, they used multiple shades of green for various components and different tones of brown for roofs that give the structure a treehouse feel. They also installed shade so that adults can comfortably rest and watch their kids play.


The indoor playground business is an attractive investment opportunity because it requires low risk. It is a small investment and offers high profit, low maintenance costs, and simple management. It is also a safe and fun place to play for kids.

The commercial indoor soft playground is a giant market with a bright future. It is a very popular choice among parents who want to make their children happy and healthy. Investing in this project is easy, and it has a great potential for growth.

Two German designers invented a playground design called Rimbin, which allows children to maintain social distancing while still playing together. Its name is a combination of the words “rim” and “bin,” and it refers to the fact that the playground area is divided into separate platforms.

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