tips for online roulette table typically accommodates six to eight players at once.  To distinguish bettors and determine who is placing what bet, players at the same online roulette table each receive chips in a unique colour. After you put down your money, you are issued a chip stack whose total value corresponds to the total value of your cash deposit. Each coloured chip is equal to one betting unit as determined by the stakes at the online roulette table you are playing. If the game is a $5 game, each chip is worth $5.  If you win, you will be paid by the croupier in chips of your colour.

In trusted Canadian live dealer casino, if you have not commenced play at a particular table but would like to make a fast bet on a particular number, you are not required to request a colour from the croupier.  It is permissible to put the casino chips, or even real cash, down on the table. If you win, the croupier will pay you in casino chips. Still, if you are thinking about playing for a while, it’s a good idea to get a colour.

While playing, your bet must meet the posted lower limit, which is why it is important to learn roulette rules for betting per table.  If the smallest bet allowed at a particular table is five dollars and you are playing one-dollar chips, you must bet at least five chips. Many games separate inside and outside bets when it comes to satisfying minimum bet prerequisites. 

How to Play Roulette Online – The Table

The most dominant feature of any roulette table is the wheel itself. However, the more exciting section for players is the layout of numbers adjacent to the wheel. This layout is where all bets are won or lost. Almost all casinos use a standard length table that fits six to eight players.

The croupier stands beside the wheel. It is his job is to track the betting, announce the numbers, and spin the ball for each betting round. A typical table layout consists of two contrasting betting fields, the inside field and the outside field. The inside field displays each separate number seen on the wheel. These numbers are sequenced from lowest to highest with 1 in the upper left corner. The first row displays 1-2-3, the second shows 4-5-6, etc., up to 36. Altogether, the layout has twelve rows in three columns.

Just above the first row on the grid is a green section for bets on either single or double zero. A European table will only display a single zero. Wagers in this field are known as “inside bets” or “layout bets”. You may bet on anywhere from one to six numbers with a single bet, depending on the positioning of your chips.

The outside field displays roulette bets on specific groups of numbers applied to the “outside bets”. Sitting at the bottom of the table, just under row 34-35-36, are three outside bets. One outside bet sits under each column for the purpose of a bet on the numbers in this column. On the side of the roulette table opposite the croupier are the other outside bets. Here you’ll find the best for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parts of rows, each bearing the numbers in four related rows. You can also bet on either the top set of numbers (1-18) or bottom set (19-36). The sections for betting on Red or Black and Odd or Even are here as well. Each of these bets carries various odds and payouts, discussed elsewhere on the site.