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BUSINESS TRAVELLERS who experience “hotel gloom” can beat the condition – by opting for a serviced apartment stay.

Claire Parry, who runs Durham Boutique Apartments, believes that those suffering from “hotel gloom” – a recognised term for people who spend long periods away from home for work and stay in hotels – can solve the problem easily.

The condition is mostly applied to business men and woman who have jobs which often see them having to spend extended time staying in hotels and is sometimes seen as an adult version of homesickness.

But Mrs Parry, who manages a historic building in the heart of Durham city centre which has been converted into one and two bedroomed luxury apartments, believe the solution is easy to achieve.

“The beauty of serviced apartments is they create a home away from home,” she said.

“It means that the traveller can return and cook for themselves and relax, have their own sitting room where they can chill out or work and then go to bed, rather than spending day after day in one small space.”

Mrs Parry, who also runs Newcastle-based Week2Week serviced apartments, believes using these facilities also makes commercial sense for companies.

“Using a two bedroomed apartment is a win win for everyone,” she said.

“It means the employees don’t feel isolated and can enjoy a home away from home with company, but where they can also have their own space.

“It also makes financial sense for the company to pay for one apartment than two hotel rooms, with the added advantage that the living space can also double up somewhere to hold meetings if necessary.”

Mrs Parry’s views are reflected in a global trend for business travellers to opt for serviced apartments.

According to the GSAIR  – the Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report – for 2018-2019  there is a 21 per cent increase in the use of serviced apartments being used for project or assignment working, with an 18 per cent increase of growth for people relocating.

“For anyone away from home for a period of time and who wants all of the comforts then a serviced apartment really is the idea choice,” said Mrs Parry.

For further information visit www.durhamboutique.com

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