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Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

Should I stay or should I go?

With life slowly beginning to resemble ‘normality’, perhaps it is time to take off the joggers, put on the jeans, and head out for a meal. 

After all, People who love to eat are always the best people. (Julia Child).

With over 3000 takeaways or restaurants joining Just Eat since the start of lockdown, and with a vast increase in orders between March and May, the publics’ way of life and weekend downtime has certainly changed. According to Betway Insider, whilst many industries have suffered, the takeaway business, across the globe, has boomed. All you need is your phone, and in a few simple steps you can order your favourite takeaway to your doorstep. But what sort of Apps are people using to order their meals? Take your pick – GrubHub, Ubereats, Deliveroo, Foodhub, or Just Eat – and there are many more. 

Will life ever be the way it was? Is staying in the new going out? 

With 80% of venues (bars, pubs and restaurants) having to close their doors in April, it is not surprising that some will remain shut. Not only the small independent and local eateries, but large chains such as Bella Italia and Café Rouge will remain closed. Whilst many sit in their homes complaining about lockdown for one reason or another, there is a bigger picture. A bigger worry, the economy and the spiral of affects this could have on society.  

However, with the governments new ‘eat out’ initiative to help encourage people to dine out once again during August, some may be encouraged to move from their sofas and back into society. Not many takeaways could match a 50% discount on food and soft drinks – although, this is only during the week. 

Tempted but has it been so long you can’t remember where to go? Here are a few reminders of a handful of the best restaurants in Leeds. 

Check their websites too – all clearly demonstrate how they will follow the government guidelines. 

Fancy some meat?

Then head to Fazenda on Granary Wharf. (Opening on 5th August). 

Enjoy continuous table service with a range of the finest grilled meats, with a range of delicious Brazilian and Argentinian side dishes served at your table. 

Hungry for more? Keep your card on green. When you are full – flip it to red and the endless meat will stop. 

A unique, fun and scrummy experience for all those carnivores out there. 

Vegan all the way?

Cantina is the first all vegan establishment in Leeds. With a mix of diner grub and restaurant meals, it is exciting, vibrant yet chilled.  From light bites such as BBQ jackfruit wings to Loaded Katsu fries, this place has it all. 

Take a trip to Italy.

Although not in the city centre, Trattoria Il Forno in Horsforth is not to be missed. It is a family run restaurant with its own wood fire pizza oven. Freshly made and all delicious, it has a vast menu with pizza, pasta, meat and fish. Everything you would expect from an Italian. And of course Gelato!

Further afield?

If you are a fan of Thai – there is only one place to go in Leeds. Zaap Thai

Not only can you dine in, but they offer collection, delivery and a new range of ready meals and start packs! 

Not quite a quiet romantic spot – but with all the hustle and bustle of a street food market, packed with flavour and authenticity. It will get your taste buds tingling.  

Pick ‘N’ Mix?

Not quite sure what you fancy to eat? Want to dabble in a few different cuisines? Then look no further than Trinity Kitchen. It has 6 street food vans that rotate every couple of months, alongside permanent eateries such as Pizzaluxe and Chicago Rib Shack. Remember, you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food. (Paul Prudhomme). 

Grab a craft beer from Beer Hawk to wash it down, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the kitchen. It is a unique experience and without doubt, the best street food in Leeds – and with something different every 8 weeks, you will always be going back for more. 

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