Poker vs Entrepreneurship

Since the poker invention in the early 1980s, this game had gathered an army of fans. Poker is popular in land-based and online casinos, there are regular poker tournaments, you can play poker with Bitcoins or bet fiat currency, and there are many types of this exciting game.

But have you ever thought about the convergence between poker and online entrepreneurship? These two activities have a lot in common and here are some obvious facts to fortify this statement:

  1. It is proved that poker is a 100% game that brings success thanks to players’ skills. That means the winnings are deserved not by luck but by self-development as a player. One of these skills is the ability to read other players’ feelings and behavior. Therefore, you cannot play poker if you are not aware of the basics of psychology. What about entrepreneurship? Does it require knowing psychology? Absolutely, yes! To succeed in developing your own business you have to communicate a lot, taking to attention the reasons for people’s actions and thoughts.
  2. Poker is impossible to imagine without taking risks. The same goes for entrepreneurship: people are engaging themselves in different deals not knowing exactly what will be the result and trying various activities. Sometimes you win and sometimes you unfortunately lose.
  3. Decision-making is another similarity that is typical for both entrepreneurship and poker. However, the hardness of these decisions depends on their consequences, this process can be very challenging.
  4. Finally, the last but not the least personal quality to apply in business and poker as well is self-control. Some situations require staying calm and keeping “poker-face” when you are an entrepreneur.

Why is it more exciting to play poker with Bitcoins than a traditional one?

Players’ interest in poker and the amount of time spent on playing it online has grown in 2020 since lockdowns started. Online poker is one of the popular gambling activities in Bitcoin casino games. Why do players choose this type of poker among others? There are many reasons why is it more exciting to play poker with Bitcoins:

  • When it comes to playing online poker Bitcoin can provide total anonymity. Except anonymous betting players can easily play poker with Bitcoins from any part of the world. Any gambling restrictions and policies are not applied when betting cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin payments are very fast. Once you bet the amount is depositing in several minutes. The same goes for withdrawal that can take up to several days when using bank transfers.
  • The level of security of Bitcoin casino games is above average. Transactions within the blockchain are safe. This technology is almost invulnerable.
  • Bitcoin poker gamblers are frequently awarded various bonuses from casinos and get special rates and discounts.

Learn to play poker

Any entrepreneur should learn at least some basic poker skills. Knowing different poker strategies can be very helpful in various business affairs. Poker players can think of their steps forward weighing pros and cons as well as consequences of their activities.

Moreover, playing this popular card game develops essential soft skills. These skills are vital for modern people who want to succeed not only in business but the entire life itself. Among such soft skills are emotional intelligence, flexibility, compiling of ideas and senses, creative thinking, and the ability to understand things deeper.


Let us add some closing remarks to wrap up. Poker and online entrepreneurship have many convergences between them. The main similarities are willingness to take risks, strong psychological skills, a high level of self-control, and the ability to make effective decisions.