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Simon Bailes Peugeot boosts the EV revolution with charge point offer

Simon Bailes Peugeot is offering new customers of any new electric or plug-in hybrid a free six-month subscription to the UK’s largest public charge point provider.

The business, with dealerships in Northallerton, Stockton and Guisborough, is confident the partnership with Polar Plus will encourage more drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles.

It coincides with the launch of Peugeot’s plug-in hybrid range – which includes the 3008 SUV, 508 and 508 SUV – and its first next-generation fully electric vehicle, the all-new e-208. The fully electric e-2008 SUV is also available to order.

With the Polar Plus subscription, the majority of its 7,000 public charging points across the country are free to use whilst, for those that are chargeable, drivers only pay for the electricity used on a per kWh basis, with prices starting from 12p per kWh.

Charging through Polar Plus will also be easier for Peugeot customers, with access through an easy to use card or key fob

Simon Bailes said: “This collaboration with Polar Plus is a great way of encouraging more motorists to make the switch to electric vehicles.

“With new EV charge points being installed every month, the phenomenon of charge point anxiety is receding.

“Charging has been an issue with many drivers in the past, but hopefully this will show that public power sources are readily available and that one of the main barriers to the change over to electric technology is being addressed.

“The boost in the number of charging points reflects a general shift towards electric vehicles and a desire by drivers to reduce their impact on the environment and reduce running costs.”

The total number of public charging locations currently stands at 10,922 – with 17,639 devices and more than 30,500 connectors.

Polar’s network is evolving with the roll out of 150kW DC rapid chargers, allowing an 0-80% charge in just 30 minutes.

Following the free six-month offer, owners of new electrified Peugeots will be able to pay £7.85 per month to continue their subscription.

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