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Simple Ways to Access iCloud Using Your Android Device


Android users who want to jump to Apple or the Apple users, who have recently made a switch to Android, often talk about iCloud. Using Apple’s iCloud on an Android is not that easy because the two OS are miles apart. They do not work well with each other, except for a few apps here and there. Google and Apple, both are competitors in their services and Google offer its Google Drive for Android. In the same way, if you use Apple, you have iCloud.

But, for those who are hanging between these two giants, this article will cover the gray area. Let us see how one can access Apple’s iCloud from an Android device.

The Walled Garden

Apple is famously portrayed as a ‘Walled Garden’ because the company goes to extensive and even unethical measures to keep others off its premises. It keeps Android uses out of the ecosystem in software, and manufacturers and third-party repairs out of its hardware. So, finding a loophole to access the iCloud is not that straightforward. But, iCloud has some perks that Android users would like to take advantage of, which is why this article is interesting.

Because we want to use Apple’s iCloud on Android, we must pay attention to the following details.

First, you must know that you cannot use the app directly. So, what is the option? For those who are not aware, Apple still keeps its web app functional, meaning that because of this allowance, is still usable with all features intact.

So, using your Android device, browse to on your favorite browser. Try using Chrome or Firefox, for a better experience. Once you have navigated to this site, use your Apple ID and existing credentials of this ID to sign in to the website, and then into your account. Doing this will grant access to Apple’s iCloud account without using an Apple device. The same is possible using your laptop, desktop, etc as well. But, the disadvantage is that you cannot use this to create a new account because an Apple ID is linked to an Apple device.

Once, you are inside, you can find shortcuts to iCloud’s services or web apps like Photos, Notes, Reminders, and so on. There is even the ‘Find iPhone’ app for ease of use.

Browser of Choice

Here is a tip that you can put to test because it sure works like a charm. Google Chrome allows users to do some extra things, unlike any generic web browser. For example, Google Chrome allows you to add the iCloud’s apps as shortcuts to your Android’s home screen. To enable this, go to from your Google Chrome, and then for each of the apps, tap on it, and then wait for the ‘Three Vertical Dots’ to emerge. This appears at the top right corner of the browser. Choose, ‘Add to Home Screen’ and this will appear right away.

Access iCloud Email from Android

One important thing that people want to see happen easily is allowing emails to sync between devices, or move the entire cloud storage from one place to another. Because emails are very important, either of the options will work. And, this would make users happy and more flexible to try and test the different OSes and different devices. Fortunately, there is a way to use Apple’s iCloud Email on Android, and here is what to do.

The above adds the iCloud account to the Gmail app on your android device, and you can access your emails. If this is another Gmail account, you can also set up to receive all the emails from that email account to just one email’s inbox.

But this is not possible for iCloud’s email because it won’t send the emails. But, manually is it possible to send or forward the emails that you receive on your iCloud to Gmail’s new email address, and then you can simply use one email ID. Alternatively, you could also sync email public folder to phone for more convenient operation.

Yes, certainly users find it difficult to access their emails after switching from iPhone to Android, but because either of the companies is not going to bring a solution anytime soon; we need to rely on workarounds.


In short, the iCloud app does not help you but can help you get things done using any device. You can use an Android smartphone for powerful features, but still, stay connected to your Apple ID’s iCloud apps. Syncing, contacts, photos need manual backup once in a while. However, the Gmail App makes working with iCloud email much easier.

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