Videogames in the MMORPG genre usually try to offer the same experience, which is to immerse the player in a virtual fantasy world where he must coexist with a massive amount of other players. Because MMORPGs want players to fully assume the role of their avatar (hence the name of the genre), any difficulty that arises within these virtual worlds could end up in a bad personal experience, and for that reason, it is extremely important to know how to live correctly within these videogames, especially when you start playing this genre for the first time.

Many people say that MMORPGs are pretty easy videogames, but that statement is far from reality, since these games require a lot of strategy, luck, a high level of patience, good judgment to make the right decisions, and a good coexistence with other players. Starting out in the world of MMORPGs is complicated, so below are a series of recommendations that will help novice players get off to the best possible start in this iconic genre within videogames.

1.    Take advantage of voice chat

A fairly common advice, but one worth mentioning is to take advantage of the voice chat that MMORPGs usually include, and if it is not possible to use it because you don’t have the necessary resources, then you should go for the text chat.

Communicating is quite an important action when playing an MMORPG, as that is the best way to immerse yourself in the game from the very beginning. It is recommended to use voice chat because MMORPGs always involve the player in risky situations where a quick response could save them from a bad decision, and thanks to the advantages of communicating by voice, immediate questions can be asked and immediate answers received. So instead of writing, you can give all the commands you want or get the advice you need using voice chat.

2.    Set a game schedule

Playing an MMORPG takes quite some time, so it is recommended to play in a controlled way so as not to avoid real world responsibilities (although this advice is valid with any genre of videogame). Setting up a game schedule during the week helps a lot to manage time better and also helps other players know when you’re logging on approximately, which is important for making in-game friends.

3.    Learn all about the MMORPG gameplay, before you start playing

An indispensable action that many players miss when starting an MMORPG is reading the tutorial, which causes new players to end up wandering around the game world not knowing which way to go and that is quite tedious. It is in the tutorial where the player is introduced to his objectives within the game, the places where he must go and how to master the gameplay, so the best option to start is to learn from them.

It is important that new players take the time to learn all the information the game presents when they want to do something specific. In addition, players must also master the use of action control keys, which is the most basic knowledge within an MMORPG.

4.    Join forums related to the MMORPG being played

As previously clarified, taking the time to learn everything that the game’s own tutorial teaches you is quite necessary to start playing the game in the best way. But, it is also advisable to learn even more about the game through the internet and the best way to do that is by joining all kinds of online forums that are related to that MMORPG being played.

In these forums you can find many other new and experienced players who are looking for tips on how to improve the game, give their opinions or even help each other. For that reason, joining a forum is the best option for a newbie to become known within any MMORPG.

5.    Analyze during the first hours of the game, if the MMORPG is really fun for you

Although it’s quite a cliché to stress this, it’s amazing how many players actually forget the goal for which they play videogames, which is to have fun and escape from responsibilities for a while. Having remembered that, MMORPG videogames are designed to be played for a very long time, so while you are starting out in the game, you must determine if it really fulfills its main objective of amusing you personally.

Many players spend a great deal of time within a given MMORPG and then suddenly quit because they realize they didn’t really enjoy playing it. That said, it is recommended to take advantage of the beginning of the game and analyze if you really enjoy it. If having played the videogame for several hours doesn’t convince you, then it’s best to quit and start playing another one, as there are dozens of excellent MMORPGs worth trying. You may also not like this genre of videogames; it’s all a matter of taste.

6.    Spend a lot of time in practice

The best thing you can do to improve in a videogame (regardless of its genre) is to practice. Many novice players make the mistake of trying to complete the basics of the game as quickly as possible and then continue to progress without enough practice. The best thing to do in an MMORPG is to practice as long as possible and then polish your skills. MMORPGs usually have specific areas within the game where players can practice their skills. It should also be taken into account that practice should not be monotonous, so you should always try different methods to perform the actions, different techniques from the ones you are used to and strategies that have never been tried before. That way, you can improve a lot within the game, which allows you to advance quickly within it.

It should also be mentioned that improving each character or skill within an MMORPG is a rather tedious task, but it is also possible to delegate it to experienced players within the game, as for example the case of the popular MMORPG RuneScape, where it requires incredible patience and skill to enhance characters or obtain powerful items, but through various web pages, it is possible to hire OSRS powerleveling, OSRS firecape service or OSRS infernal cape service to perform those tasks for players, in exchange for some benefit. This form of enhancement is highly recommended for newcomers to MMORPGs, although it requires going through specialized providers on platforms like Eldorado.

In conclusion, playing a fun MMORPG for a long time is quite a rewarding experience, but to achieve a good coexistence within this type of games, it is advisable to master the gameplay, analyze things before doing them, and above all, be sociable. It is hoped that these recommendations will help newcomers in this genre to create rewarding moments that will repay the time they invest.